What Do Dust Mites Look Like?

Multiple Dust Mites

What do dust mites look like? Dust mites look similar to ticks, but are actually kin to spiders. Most dust mites are not visible with the naked eye and can only be seen through a microscope or magnifying glass. They all have somewhat translucent bodies with different variations in color such as dark green, brown, … Read more

What do Mold Spores Look Like?

Close up of Mold Spores

Speak to a 24/7 Mold Professional in Your Area 844-962-2681 What do mold spores look like? Mold spores are too small for humans to see with the naked eye, but they can be seen under a microscope. When viewing mold spores under a microscope, they come in all different sizes and shapes. Some mold spores … Read more