Best Air Purifier for Mold & Mold Spores

Mildewed Walls

Mold is a common microscopic organism that is often found in homes and comes in various shapes and sizes. Mold often grows in places that are dark, warm and wet, but can most often be found floating in the air through the spreading of the mold spores. The best way to remove mold spores is … Read more

Best Air Purifiers for 800 Square Feet

It is often hardest to shop for air filters for medium-sized rooms. You don’t want to pay too much for an overpowered purifier, but at the same time, you don’t want to pay less only to be left with less than adequate room coverage. But don’t worry, we spent the time and energy trying out … Read more

Boneco H300 Hybrid Humidifier & Air Purifier Review

Are you looking for a modern air purifier? Do you suffer from dry skin, sensitive eyes or certain respiratory ailments and need a humidifier as well? If so the Boneco H300 3-in-1 Humidifier and Air Purifier combo may be exactly what you need. It is a combination air purifier and humidifier and is designed for … Read more

Bissell Air320, According to Reviewers

If you take a lot of pride in the look of your home and have been looking for an air purifier that will complement your décor and not detract from it, the following review may be very helpful to you. It’s hard to choose between aesthetic appeal and cleaner air and even harder to find … Read more

Best Air Purifier for Sinus Problems

Sinus problems can really disrupt your life. Having to sneeze or blow your nose every 5 minutes can make it difficult to focus on your work. Sinus problems can also make it hard to sleep, drive and eat. They can even make you a more irritable person. But there is hope for those of us … Read more

Meleden Air Purifier Review

Not all air purifiers have to be lugged around with a dolly. If your air purification needs are minimal and you don’t want one that is overpowered and will take up a bunch of space, then the Meleden Air Purifier may be right up your alley. The Meleden Air Purifier is a very compact little … Read more