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Why Specialty Air Purifiers?

We are air purifier owners just like you, and in our search to be better prepared to clean and maintain the air quality in our house we could never find a resource that answered all our questions. Specialty Air Purifiers is designed to solve this problem.

We strive to give actionable and easy to use air purification tips so the qualty of air on your house will improve forever. 

We are a completely free resource that is a one stop shop for everything you need to know to make air purification for your home easy!

We are a site completely devoted to being a valuable free resource air purification for our users. We have over 40000 words written on topics like where to place your air purifier, how to get rid of pet odor, and the best air purifiers for smoke. 

Our list of over 40 articles of how to guides, buyers guides, and product reviews are more comprehensive than any other air purification source on the web. 

If we have left something out, or did not provided the information you are looking for; please let us know. We will find the information that you need in no time!

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