Best Window Air Conditioner in Canada

When the weather is warm and humid, everyone wants immediate relief. Window air conditioners can provide cool, conditioned air in a particularly high-traffic room, or when central air is out of the question. These units can create immediately relief, and often include a variety of features to improve air quality.

Best Window Air Conditioner in Canada Comparison


  • Adjustable Temp Control
  • Multiple Speeds
  • Fan mode & remote control
  • 10,000 BTU
  • Adjustable Temp Control
  • Sleep Mode
  • Energy Saver Mode
  • 8,000 BTU
  • Adjustable Temp Control
  • Fan Mode
  • Sleep Mode
  • 10,000 BTU

Best Window Air Conditioner in Canada Reviews

  • Temperature settings are adjustable to create the perfect level of coolness.
  • Window mounting kit allows for the unit to be installed in a variety of windows.
  • Remote control allows for distance settings for total comfort.
  • Great for cooling garages 

With a cooling area of up to 450 square feet, the 10,000 BTU Perfect Aire window air conditioner provides plenty of comfort. It offers both a fan mode and cooling mode, each with three-speed settings. From there, the temperature can be adjusted to a suitable level between 17-30 degrees C. The included remote control allows you to crank the air up or down without having to make manual adjustments. This window air conditioning unit also offers a range of fitting options, along with a mounting kit to provide the best fit for your window space.

  • Ultra-quiet technology runs at 41, 43, or 47 dB for the most sleep-friendly performance.
  • Energy Saver mode helps conserve power with a limited ac fan cycle.
  • Cools up to 350 square feet with a three speed fan. 

This 8,000 BTU Danby window air conditioner is a great choice for bedrooms. Not only does it operate at a quieter level than many other models, but it includes a Sleep Mode setting that ensures you won’t freeze overnight. A 24-hour programmable timer lets you make the most of your energy usage, as well, allowing you to provide maximum coolness at peak heat hours, and taper off as temperatures drop. Air can also be directed for the best impact with a 4-way vent.

  • LED display and remote control provide easy operation.
  • Cools up to 450 square feet with a powerful three-speed fan.
  • Sleep Mode keeps you comfortable all night long.

This Danby model offers more powerful cooling than the previous model at 10,000 BTU, providing a comfortable environment for larger spaces, up to 450 square feet. It also includes a remote control that can be engaged in the “Follow Me” mode. This allows the remote to act as a thermostat, so that the room temperature will automatically adjust to maintain your settings, creating an ideal environment for your comfort. The 24-hour programmable timer is also featured on this model, with energy-saving modes to save money without sacrificing cooling.

Best Window Air Conditioner in Canada
1. Perfect Aire Window AC Unit in Canada
2. Danby 80 Window AC Unit in Canada
3. Danby 100 Window AC Unit in Canada

What to Look for in a Window Air Conditioner

A window air conditioner can provide cool, concentrated comfort for your space, but it’s important that the size of the air conditioning unit matches the size of the room you’re trying to cool.

Window air conditioners are rated in terms of BTU, or British Thermal Units. The higher the BTU, the larger a room that air conditioner can cool. The aforementioned models are perfect for a bedroom, den, or smaller living space. Each model you consider will list its BTU and ideal cooling space, as well.

You’ll also want to take measurements of your window. While adjustments can be made so that a smaller unit can fit in a bigger space, it’s physically impossible for a large unit to fit in a small window. Consider the type of window opening, as well, as different installation processes will be required for casement windows, horizontal opening windows, and more.

Why Use a Window Air Conditioner

Many homes are now equipped with central air conditioning, but many older homes and apartment buildings are not. A window air conditioner can be a very welcome addition to these spaces, as they do not require structural changes and can be removed seasonally.

Window air conditioners are also easier to use than ever before. Many include several levels of adjustment, such as Fan Mode versus Cooling Mode, and a variety of fan settings. They also allow for targeted cooling with directional fan options.

You can also find programmable window air conditioners, and many include remote controls. This is helpful for making adjustments during sleeping hours, or while busy with daily tasks. You can simply set or easily make changes as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are window air conditioners energy efficient?

Many newer models are, yes. While running your unit at top setting continuously may make a noticeable change on your energy bill, many window air conditioners feature energy saving settings. Some are programmable so that they will only run as needed, while others have intermittent fan modes that will control the length of time the unit runs.

Does a window air conditioner need to be cleaned?

Just like central air conditioning, window units also have an air filter which should be changed or cleaned according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Check the owner’s manual of any model you purchase to learn how to access and provide basic maintenance for the filter.

Do I need to bring my window air conditioner in during the winter months?

Many units are not made to withstand colder temperatures and should be uninstalled and stored when the outside temperatures plummet. However, it’s best to consult the owner’s manual, as each unit can be different.

Final Thoughts

For immediate relief when central air is not an option, window air conditioners are an excellent tool to have on hand. With modern convenience features such as remote controls and programmable settings, it’s easy to find comfort in a jiffy. Just make sure you purchase the right sized unit for the job!

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