Best HVAC Furnace Air Filters for Bacteria and Viruses

Protecting yourself and your family from viruses and bacteria is more important now than it has been in the last decade. People are staying in more, which is a good start. But pretty soon, that may not even be enough to stay healthy. Aside from viruses and bacteria, it is estimated that indoor air quality for typical homes is generally 5 times more polluted than outdoor air. And there are a lot of people who don’t know that there is a very simple and effective way to sanitize and purify indoor air: HVAC air filtration. So that is why we composed today’s review article. These easy to install, affordable and low-maintenance filters offer finer protection from viruses on top of the precautions you are already taking so let’s get into the details. See the best HVAC Furnace Air Filters for Bacteria and Viruses below.

Best HVAC Furnace Air Filters for Bacteria and Viruses Comparison


  • Kill Bacteria and Viruses
  • Eliminate Allergens
  • Capture Dust
  • 1550 MPR


  • Kill Bacteria and Viruses
  • Eliminate Dust and Smoke
  • Capture Allergens
  • 2800 MPR


  • Kill Bacteria and Viruses
  • Capture Allergens
  • Capture Dust
  • MERV 13

Best AC Air Filters for Bacteria and Viruses Reviews

Right off the bat, you are probably wondering what the 1550 refers to. 1550 refers to the size of micro particles these filters can capture. These filters have an MPR (Microparticle Performance Rating)rating of 1550 which means that they are suited to capture over half of the airborne bacteria and viruses in your home. And if you are wondering what that translates to in the universal MERV (Minimum Efficiency Performance Value) rating, it would be MERV 12.

  • Great for dust and lint too
  • The 4 and 5 inch filters last for a year
  • Good for furnaces and air conditioners

These filters have a MERV rating of 13. So what does that mean? It means that these filters are able to capture 50% of particles 0.3 to 1.0 microns (as a point of reference, most viruses are in this size range), 85% of particles 1.0 to 3.0 microns and 90% of particles 3.0 to 10 microns. These Air X filters are also pleated so they trap ultrafine particles with more efficiency. Pleated filters offer more surface area for trapping particles so they are generally more effective as well.

  • Pleated design
  • Good price for a 6 pack
  • True HEPA filters

Now these filters have a MERV rating of 14 which makes them the most proficient for catching airborne virus particles of any of the filters on our list. MERV 14 will trap approximately 75% of particles in the size range that viruses typically reside. These filters are also certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

  • Great for reducing allergy symptoms
  • Catches pet dander
  • Can be used with almost any HVAC system

Why use HVAC Filters?

HVAC filters can add an extra layer of defense to your home. They can help prevent viruses from spreading from one carrier to another inside your home. Take a look at just some of the helpful advantages that come with using an HVAC filter:

  1. They trap odors as well
  2. They can prevent bacteria and illnesses from entering into your home
  3. They help keep your HVAC system clean
  4. They represent a very low-maintenance method of improving indoor air quality

What to Look for an AC filter for bacteria and viruses

I general, if you are trying to rid your home of as much bacteria and minimize virus proliferation as much as possible, you are going to want a filter with a MERV rating of 12 or higher. Since most viruses and bacteria are between 0.3 and 1 micron in size, having at least a MERV 12 filter will trap most bacteria and virus strains. And if you can, you should try to opt for a true HEPA filter with a MERV rating of at least 12.

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

Do higher MERV ratings restrict airflow?

They can. They trap large particles that build up over time and can restrict airflow. But this really only becomes a problem with MERV ratings of 15 and higher.

Should you use pleated filters?

If you have the option, yes you should opt for pleated filters. They are more efficient for trapping fine particles.

What is the best HVAC filter? 

Both Air X and Filtrete are considered by many experts to produce some of the most effective HVAC air filters for trapping viruses and bacteria.

Last Words

In these times of uncertainty and danger, you simply can’t afford to take any chances. If you suspect that your indoor air is in any way compromised, you should pick up any of the filters we have mentioned here on our list. After testing several comparable filters, we whittled our selection down to these three because they are the ones that most consistently improved the quality of the air in our indoor spaces. And the best part about them is that they are super easy to install. Just remember to change them out at the recommended intervals and they can be a huge benefit to your health and the health of your loved ones.

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