Can Air Purifiers Eliminate Toxins, Chemicals, and Gases?

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Toxins and Gases can be extremely hard on a persons lungs and overall health. In today’s advances society, we are exposed to alarmingly high levels of toxins and gases. Luckily, there is a way to help combat this exposure: air purifiers. Air purifiers are a great way to reduce the negative exposure to these toxins and gases as they help eliminate the toxins from the air. 

Your home is the place where you spend the majority of time in your life. Whether you are eating, sleeping, relaxing, or something else, you want you home to be a safe environment. Using an air purifier in your home can help ensure that the air quality is top notch and free from toxins, gases, and more.

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What type of Air Purifier filter is best for eliminating Toxins and Gases?

There are actually two types of filters that can effectively eliminate toxins and gases. 
1. Ionizers 
2. Activated Carbon Filters
Ionization is an effective technology that attaches a negative ion to particles flowing through the purifier. As the ions attach to the particles, they become weighted down and essentially turn into magnets. The chemicals, toxins, and gases that now have a negative ion end up sticking together or sticking to the magnetic surface in the purifier. If they are able to exit the purifier, they will immediately fall to the ground instead of floating through the air and being inhaled.

Another great type of filter for eliminating toxins and gases is an activated carbon filter. An activated carbon filter is made up of millions of very fine pieces of crushed charcoal. Because charcoal is so porous and fine, this generates massive amounts of surface area. With large levels of surface area, the charcoal absorbs substances as they enter the purifier. The substances that are absorbed are odors (VOCs), toxins, gases, and smoke.

Fun fact: There is more surface area packed into an activated carbon filter than on an entire football field

What type of Toxins and Gases can an Air Purifier Eliminate?

An air purifier will eliminate several different kinds of toxins and gases. It is important to note that the air purifiers are not 100% effective so they should not be used as the only remedy to remove toxins and gases.

Below are some of the toxins and gases that can be removed from Air Purifiers:


Living in a home that has clean air quality is extremely important. That’s why it is so important to make sure that there are no toxins or gases circulating in your house. An air purifier is a great way to help ensure that the air in your home is of good quality. An air purifier for toxins and gases will capture these substances and eliminate them from your home.

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