Best Air Purifiers for Art Studios & Painting

No matter your artistic inclination, chances are you are exposed to noxious chemicals in your studio. Whether you paint, create pottery or dye fabrics, you need to protect yourself from potentially dangerous fumes and keep your studio safe. Smells can also be an issue in art studios so today we have compiled a list of the best air purifiers for art studios. The following purifiers account for strong odors and dangerous chemicals so let’s take a look at them.

The Best Air Purifier for Art Studios


  • Relieve Paint Fumes in Art Studio
  • Breathe easier 
  • Get more restful sleep
  • Eliminate odor, smoke, etc.
  • Affordable Price


  • #1 air purifier for chemicals
  • Eliminate art studio pain fumes
  • Eliminates odor, germs, etc.
  • Powerful
  • Quiet


  • Eliminate art studio fumes
  • Reduce viruses and bacteria
  • Great for allergies
  • Great for overnight use
  • Great performance

Best Air Purifier for Art Studio Reviews

Best Price: SilverOnyx Air Purifier

The first entry on our list is a very small but powerful device that can purify rooms up to 500 square feet. It utilizes a true HEPA filter and activated carbon filter which trap pollutants as small as 0.3 microns.

If that wasn’t enough, the Silver Onyx also has a UV sanitizer to eliminate germs in the air too. All in an appliance that you can easily set on the floor, desk, counter top, and move around your home. 

The Silver Onyx Air Purifier has a 5-stage cleaning process. The pre-filter takes care of pet hair and larger pollutants, while the HEPA H13 filter and activated carbon filter remove finer particles from the air. The UV light and ION generator round out the cleaning process by taking care of odors. 

With it’s five speed setting and automatic mode, you have plenty of options when it comes to air purification. The auto-mode will analyze the quality of air and adjust accordingly, this helps with keeping things as efficient as possible. The Silver Onyx consumes only 24 watts of power when running at full speed. Thats an average of 9$ per year, when run 8 hours per day!

A built-in indicator alert lets you know when it is time to change the filter, which lasts about 6 months with regular use. Ideal for rooms up to 500 sq. ft., this air purifier is small in size but not in results. With a 4.6 rating on, this is one of the favorites among reviewers for its ability to clean the air of a room despite its small size. 


  • It has a 5-speed fan
  • Sleek, modern design
  • Good for trapping pet dander and hair
  • Small size makes it good for any space 
  • Air quality indicator


  • Gets quite loud at higher fan settings
  • Inexpensive

Trial Results

Despite its small size, this air purifier is great at providing clean air. With the fan setting on low it is quiet and efficient, with a noticeable difference in air quality within an hour. For rooms smaller than 500 sq. ft., this is one of the best budget air purifiers you can get. 

Best Performance: IQAir GC Multigas Air Purifier

IQAir is known for putting out medical-grade air purifiers. Their flagship model, the HealthPro Plus, is the standard for immuno-compromised individuals. The model in our list, the IQAir CG Multigas, looks identical to the HealthPro Plus aside from the lavender stripe running down the front, which we think improves its aesthetic. 

The IQAir GC Multigas air purifier is perfectly named, as it is great for eliminating gases, odors, and chemical contaminants. Using a HyperHEPA filter, the GC Multigas also contains four disposable, gas-phase filter cartridges made with the highest quality activated carbon. Designed to reduce gases, chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOC) that produce odor, these filters all work in tandem to clean your air and improve your lung health. 

While most air purifiers use the standard activated carbon filter, which has a lower-quality coconut-shell for absorption, the GC Multigas uses bituminous coal. This carbon is better at filtering the air as it is activated in a way that preserves the maximum number of micropores, which trap pollutants. Alumina pellets combined with ChemiSorber media are used to remove formaldehyde, and the way that each filter is positioned helps to improve air flow and system efficiency.

A surprising note to consider is that the GC MultiGas has the same chemical removal ability as 100 gas masks! 

While all of the machines on our list will give you cleaner air than the standard air purifier, this model takes it one step further. The price tag is not for the faint of heart, but if clean air is important to you and especially if you suffer from severe allergies or live in a highly-polluted area, the GC Multigas is a worthwhile investment.


  • Filters out particles down to .003 microns in size
  • Filters out a wide spectrum of gases, chemicals and odors
  • #1 Rated air purifier for multiple chemical sensitivity
  • Designed for rooms up to 1125 sq ft
  • Includes a remote control and filter-life monitoring
  • 320-degree clean air output
  • Low energy use


  • One of the most expensive air purifiers on the market
  • Expensive replacement filters

Trial Results

Using the IQAir GC Multigas in our home gave us the same experience as the HealthPro Plus model; very clean air in a short amount of time. Nearly everything about the operation of these two models were similar, from the intuitive and easy-to-use remote control and display panel, to the sound of the fans. The only real difference was the peace of mind that came with knowing that the GC Multigas was taking air purification one step further and removing any toxic gasses and chemicals from the air as well. 

Best for Sleep: Alen BreatheSmart 75i Air Purifier

 The Alen BreatheSmart 75i air purifier is the most powerful of the BreatheSmart lineup, covering up to 1,300 square feet. Although it boasts the largest room coverage, it only take 45watts to run, which is the second lowest draw in the BreatheSmart class. It also has the longest filter life, needing a replacement every 12-15 months. Considering most air purifier filters need to be replaced every 6 months, this will add up to plenty of savings.

The BreatheSmart 75i comes with 8 different color options, with the standard black and white, as well as faux-wood in maple, oak and rosewood

Using a True HEPA H13 filter, this will capture 99.99% of contaminants larger than .1 microns. This includes dust, dander, allergens, pet fur, and many different kinds of odors. To better assure you that it is cleaning your air, this model features a Smart Sensors which detects airborne particles. It features a color changing panel that auto-adjusts to show you the air quality within your home. From Blue to Red, there are 5 different levels that will be displayed.

With the power to clean a 1300 square foot room every 30 minutes, you would expect this to be quite loud. Fortunately, it has a very quiet fan, registering from 25 dB to 49 dB. Great for overnight use, the low fan speed also registers are “pink noise”, which has been show to help promote a more restful sleep.


  • Cleans up to 1300 square feet
  • Very quiet at only 25dB
  • Great for overnight use, fan sound is “pink noise” which promotes restful sleep
  • Only draws 45watts
  • Filters last 12-15 months
  • 8 color options
  • Has an Air-Quality Sensor


  • Does not have a remote control or phone app

Trial Results

We tested the BreatheSmart 75i in a huge 3 car garage that smelled of must and mildew. After running it overnight, there was a noticeable difference in the smell. We ran it at the lowest speed and the sound quickly faded into the background. This would be great for overnight use in a bedroom. Having the air-quality sensor was also great for peace of mind. 

Features to Look for in an Art Studio Air Purifier

An art space is different than a living space so your air purifier should be unique as well. We recommend opting for the following features if you are looking for a purifier for your art studio:

  1. An activated carbon filter for odors
  2. A HEPA filter specifically made for chemicals and gases
  3. A decibel rating of 50 (at max fan speed) or less

Benefits of an Air Purifier for Art Studios

If you spend a lot of time in your art studio, an air purifier will make it a healthier place to be. Paint, clay, dyes, markers, ceramic, spray paints and many other art supplies emit potentially dangerous gases and odors. An air purifier will limit the health risk of these products. Cleaner air also means better focus. An air purifier can help you to be more productive and creative in your space.


Will an air purifier help with paint fumes? 

If the HEPA filter it uses is rated to trap volatile organic compounds, yes.

Do air purifiers remove toxins? 

If they have an activated carbon filter, they will eliminate a majority of toxins in the air.

How dangerous is clay dust? 

Clay dust contains silica that when breathed in, cannot be expelled by the lungs. Air purifiers can reduce the amount of free silica in the air.


Make no mistake about it; your art studio can be a very dangerous place. Chemicals and debris emitted by art supplies could wreak havoc on your health. Use a high-quality air filter like the ones on our list and keep your studio a safe haven for you and your creativity. Worried about paint fumes? We tell you what is the best air purifier for paint fumes

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