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Best Air Purifier for Infants & Newborns | Baby to Toddler Nursery

When bringing home a new infant baby, it is important to protect your child from bacteria and viruses. Investing in an air purifier is a great way to prepare your nursery for a newborn infant baby. One accessory that could be purchased for a baby and newborn nursery is an air purifier. Continue reading the find the best air purifier for infants and newborns. 

Environmental issues and clean air issues are something that people are always talking about. Exposing your newborn or toddler to pollution is something that parents want to avoid. Purchasing an air purifier can help to make your home safe and healthy, giving your newborn a great start in life.

This blog can help purchasing a new air purifier easier without the hassle of grueling research.

The Best Air Purifier for Infants and Newborns


  • Breathe easier
  • Fights germs & viruses
  • Helps infants sleep better
  • True HEPA Filter
  • Great Price


  • Help babies breathe 
  • Congestion and cold relief
  • Get more restful sleep
  • True HEPA Filter
  • Affordable Price


  • Great for allergens
  • Reduce viruses and bacteria
  • Relief for congestion
  • Helps babies sleep better
  • True HEPA filter

Best Air Purifier for Infants and Newborn Babies Reviews

1. Levoit LV-PUR131

The Levoit LV-PUR131 is an air purifier that gives you clean and fresh air in your home, including in your newborn or infant’s nursery. This air purifier helps to take out different particles that can cause allergies or breathing problems such as dust, bacteria and allergens. This air purifier is so powerful that it can take particles as small as 0.3 microns out of the air and air pollution of PM 2.5 in a small room up to 322 square foot. With this powerful clean air action, you can be sure that your newborn and infant can breathe better and can have a healthier lifestyle, right from the start.

Getting rid of dust, pollen, smoke, odors and pet dander can be removed up to 99.97% and this can give fresh air for those that live in homes that are in high pollution areas or homes that have smokers or animals.

This air purifier is helpful to stop allergies including seasonal allergies, by removing things that people are sensitive to and by replacing it with great air quality.

The Levoit LV-PUR131 is easy to use and it has a control panel that is touch screen, so setup is a breeze. Not only is it easy to use, but users can set up different setting such as fan speed and a timer that will work up to twelve hours so that you can always have your air purifier running. Don’t forget that when your newborn is sleeping, you want a quiet and safe area for them and with the Levoit LV-PUR131, you can put the air purifier on sleep mode which will allow it to work while your baby sleeps, giving them restful and healthy sleep.

One great thing about the Levoit LV-PUR131 is that it has a 3-filtration system that uses true HEPA filters that are carbon, so they collect the particles better and more efficiently. Even the costs of filters for this system is much lower than other filters and you can pay only a third of the cost by purchasing this air purifier.

Pros of the Levoit LV-PUR131

  • Quiet noise with a dB noise level of 27.
  • LED lights that can be turned on or off.
  • 1-12-hour timer.
  • Star-certified which will allow you to use less energy.
  • Pre filter, TRUE HEPA Filter and Activated Carbon filter which makes it a 3-stage filtration system.

Cons of the Levoit LV-PUR131

  • Short filter life.
  • Does not last as long as it should.
  • Filter light comes on when it is not time to change the filter.
  • Does not filter the air like it is supposed to.

Customer Review

According to, this product has a 4.3 out of 5 stars review with 1,422 reviews. Some customers felt that this product was quiet, that their air quality was better, and that setup was super easy.

2. Germ Guardian AC4825

The Germ Guardian AC4825 is backed up by the manufacturer which says that their air purifiers will help to improve the quality of air in the home immediately after it is plugged in. This air purifier is AHAM verified which means that it is made to remove pollutants in the home such as:

  • Smoke
  • Dust
  • Pollen

The Germ Guardian has a 3-speed fan and works in a room up to 167 square feet. This air purifier can circulate all of the air in the room up to four times an hour and it has a CADR of 118 for dust, 125 for pollen and 108 for smoke. The rule of thumb is that if an air purifier has a higher CADR, the better it is.

Not only does the Germ Guardian have a great CADR, it also has a filter system that captures up to 99.97% of all the allergens in a room and can catch allergens such as pollen, mold, spores, dust, pet dander and smoke as small as .3 microns.

With the charcoal filter and the Titanium Dioxide, pollutants such as bacteria, germs and viruses can be reduced dramatically.

Not only is this a powerful air purifier, it also is Energy Star Certified meaning that you can save money on your energy costs all while having clean air to breath.

Pros of the Germ Guardian AC4825

  • Air filter with a 3 in 1 filter system including a pre-filter and a HEPA filter.
  • Uses UV-C light to kill more germs and viruses.
  • Catches allergens.
  • Removes odors
  • Very quiet and uses white noise.
  • 3 speed settings.
  • Works in a medium to large room.
  • Filters only need replaced every 6-8 months.
  • Energy Star Certified.

Cons of the Germ Guardian AC4825

  • Only worked on low settings.
  • Releases a burning smell.
  • Filters need replaced too quickly.
  • Stops working quickly.

Customer Reviews

According to, this air purifier has a customer star rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars with some customers saying that this air purifier helped with their asthma, that it worked in a 4,000 square foot home with animals, and that it was inexpensive to purchase the filters.

Getting rid of dust, pollen, smoke, odors and pet dander can be removed up to 99.97% and this can give fresh air for those that live in homes that are in high pollution areas or homes that have smokers or animals.

This air purifier is helpful to stop allergies including seasonal allergies, by removing things that people are sensitive to and by replacing it with great air quality.

3. Honeywell HEPA 300

The Honeywell HEPA 300 is an air purifier that helps to give the room cleaner and fresher air quality by constantly drawing in the allergens and pollutants. This purifier works by using both a pre-filter system and a HEPA filter system that catches not only tiny particles but also larger particles.

The great thing about the Honeywell HEPA 300 is that it removes up to 99.7% of all allergens even as small as .3 microns.

Pros of the Honeywell HEPA 300

  • Works for extra large rooms up to 465 square foot.
  • Reduces allergens.
  • Circulates the air more than five times in an hour.
  • Improves air quality and removes odors.

Cons of the Honeywell HEPA 300

  • Louder noises than other air purifiers.
  • Product stopped working after a couple of months.
  • Only quiet on lowest setting.
  • Lets off chemical/burning smell when running.

Customer Reviews

According to, this air purifier has a 4.3 out of 5-star rating with 2,227 reviews. Some customers say that this product lasted for a very long time and worked really well, that the filters were very strong and powerful and lasted longer than expected and that the purifier helped with allergies.

Buying Guide for the Best Air Purifier for a Newborn and Infant Nursery

When purchasing an air purifier, make sure that you look at the most important things like what your unit has such as:

  • Type of Filter System
  • UV-C Light

Also, there are a couple of things that you want to avoid when purchasing an air purifier not only for your newborn and infant nursery but also for any home such as:

  • Ionizer
  • Ozone Generator

Filter System

When purchasing an air purifier for your newborn and infant nursery, you should always try to find an air purifier that uses an Activated Carbon Filter, a TRUE HEPA filter or both. By having the right kind of filter, you can be sure that your system is doing the job of removing contaminants from your babies’ room.

Activated Carbon Filter

Not all air purifiers are made the same and some have things that others do not. When purchasing a unit with an activated carbon filter, you can be sure that your purifier will help to get rid of bad odors by absorbing them in the filter. Not only with the odors be absorbed, but this is done without harsh chemicals that could hurt your newborn or infant.


A TRUE HEPA Filter is different than a HEPA filter because a HEPA filter has no type of restrictions and they can catch small particles, big particles or particles in the middle without there being a true rating or size classification. A TRUE HEPA Filter on the other hand, removes at least 99.97% of all of the allergens from the room and removes particles that are as small as .3 microns. If your filter does not say TRUE HEPA, think again before making the purchase.

UV-C Light

If your air purifier has an ultraviolet light, chances are that you will be purchasing a good unit. The UV-C light on your air purifier is there to help kill germ and bacteria as they pass through the system.

Things to Avoid When Purchasing an Air Purifier

Make sure to avoid these things when purchasing an air purifier.


Using an ionizer is something that sounds fancy but can do more harm than good. The ionizer can cause people that have sensitive respiratory to be irritated by the ionizer. When using this in an infant or newborn room, it could cause the child to have sensitivity to the purifier and not help like it is supposed to.

Ozone Generator

Ozone generators are known to cause problems with breathing such as asthma, upper respiratory problems, stuffy noses, runny eyes and nasal congestion. This happens because ozone generators are generally mixed with chemicals that can cause damage when they are inhaled in the lungs and cause irritation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Air Purifiers Good for Newborns?

Some air purifiers are good for newborns and some air purifiers are not so safe. It is important to follow the buying guide and purchase an air purifier that has the right kind of filter to keep your newborn and infant safe and sound while they sleep and while they are awake.

Remember to avoid any type of air filter that has an ionizer or an ozone generator because those are not safe for infants or newborns.

Do HEPA Filters Really Work?

TRUE HEPA filters are able to capture up to 99.97% of all of the allergens out of the air that are as small as .3 microns. This means that they can capture bacteria, viruses, dust, pollen, pet dander and smoke particles.

What is the Best Purifier for the Price?

According to, the top 5 air purifiers are:

  • Rabbit Air MinusA2
  • Levoit Compact Air Purifier
  • Honeywell HPA300
  • Winix PlasmaWave 5500-2
  • Airmega 300S Smart Enabled Air Purifier

Which is Better an Air Purifier or a Humidifier?

If you are looking to buy something to remove allergens, then an air purifier is what you should purchase. These can remove things such as bacteria, mold, pollen, dander, and more. A humidifier is something that makes the area more humid and does not remove things from the air.

Check out the best humidifier for infants and newborns.


Purchasing an air purifier for your home is important but it goes to a bigger level of importance when you are purchasing it for your infant or newborn nursery. Make sure to look at the buying guide and the customer reviews when making a purchase so that you can get the safest and most efficient purifier for your home.

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