Top Water Air Purifiers, According to Reviewers

Water-based air purifiers have a lot of advantages over standard air purifiers because most of them are multi-function. Many of them act as a humidifier and/or air freshener as well as an air purifier. They can be a godsend for smaller spaces that tend to get stagnant or rooms that don’t have good ventilation. We grabbed some of the best water based air purifiers and tested them in our own home to see which ones made the grade and which ones didn’t. Check out our pick for the best water air purifier.

Best Water Air Purifier Comparison

Best aroma diffuser
  • Reduces Odor
  • Works as an aroma diffuser
  • Maintains proper humidity levels
  • Can Change LED Color
Best for odor
  • Cleans the air
  • Maintains humidity 
  • Reduces odor
  • Great value and performance
Best for your wallet
  • Cleans the air
  • Maintains humidity 
  • Reduces odor
  • Good performance

What to Look for in a Water-Based Air Purifier?

Water-based air purifiers sound great but they can actually become a handful if you don’t buy a good one. Trust us, we tested at least 5 other products, not including the ones that made it on our list and were greatly disappointed. Some of them accumulated way too much gunk in the bottom of the reservoir bowl. Others were too loud and some were just ineffectual. So through our experience, we came to understand which features to look for in a water air purifier. Look for these features to ensure you get a quality machine:

  1. A sturdy reservoir bowl
  2. Multiple fan speeds
  3. Quiet operation
  4. A water agitator device

Water Based Air Purifier Reviews

Best aroma diffuser

Our first impression of the Jaclean Aroma Globe water air purifier was that it looked really cool. In fact, when it arrived, we were pretty psyched to put it on the desk of our home office. It lends a modern flair to the room without standing out too much. It’s almost too covert as you can’t really tell what it is until you get a good look at it. At any rate, it stands 7 inches tall and 7 inches in diameter (globe-shaped as the name suggests) so it doesn’t take up much room. This is the middle of the pack when compared to the Sirena Water air purifier and EcoGecko.

But it is rated to purify the air in rooms of up to 700 square feet so it covers a good amount of ground. It comes with 3 bottles of aroma oil which are diffused in the water reservoir at the bottom of the globe. The rotating down stem stirs the mixture, releasing a light, pleasant aroma into the air while drawing in dirty air and contaminants into the water. The gentle droning noise of the rotating down stem doubles up as white noise too.

Using the Jaclean Aroma Globe will reduce allergens, air contaminants and odors, while also contributing a calming light to the area. Great for the bedside table, you can use the include aroma oils or add your own to the device.

One of the downsides of this water air purifier is its propensity to suddenly stop working after around 6 months of use. Although it doesn’t happen often, and didn’t happen to us, some users have complained about the machine breaking down. One thing to take into consideration is that it doesn’t have a warranty or return policy after use. So if the Jaclean Water-based air purifier stops working, then you cannot return it. 

Another thing to watch out for with this purifier is its movement on the ground. Because this air purifier and is actually filled with water and aroma oil, it will sometimes move on its own if the water gets sloshed around. This can cause a mess. 

The US Jaclean water-based air purifier has a white top and a clear blue bulb to contain the water and aroma oil. At 2.02 lbs, the purifier is heavier than the EcoGecko but lighter than the US Jaclean. 


  • Comes in 4 different light colors
  • Easy to clean
  • You can add as much or as little scent as you want 


  • Some users experienced vibration noises
  • Can’t turn off the lights or adjust the speed
  • Some users have issues with the product after 6 months of use

Best for odor

The Sirena Twister water-based air purifier works in the same way as our last entry: there is a water reservoir in the device that draws air into it where allergens, odors and pet dander are trapped. You can also add a number of scents to the water of the Sirena Twister Air Purifier. We chose the eucalyptus fragrance and were very pleased with it. It made the room smell and feel cleaner. The Sirena Twister Air Purifier works with an LED light as well so it made a nice little night light for our little girl. It runs very quietly too and is very compact so it’s easy to move from room to room.

We also put the Sirena Twister Air Purifier in our laundry room where our dog likes to sleep (coincidently, the room that gets the most dog hair, go figure) and we noticed a difference after the first night. The air was clearer and there was less fur floating in it.

The main issue to be aware of with this purifier is the noise level. We noticed that the top makes a rattling noise, and overall the purifier motor makes a humming noise as well. If you at looking for a water-based air purifier aroma diffuser that doesn’t make any noise, this is probably not the best option for you.

This aroma water air purifier is fairly large in size at 9 x 9 x 8 inches. When compared to the EcoGecko water air purifier, this product is not only larger but also heavier and louder. It weighs 2.33 lbs. finally, the product is held in a clear bulb with a black top, but the LED light shines a pretty bluish color which makes it looks nice when in use. 


  • The LED light can be changed to 7 different colors
  • Stands only 9 inches tall
  • Great for freshening the air in small to mid-sized rooms
  • Can add scented deodorizers which contribute a subtle aroma to the air


  • Can not turn off the light
  • Some users report that the device is too loud for overnight use

Best for your wallet

We really liked the EcoGecko earth Globe water-based air purifier because you can actually adjust the speed of the fan that draws dirty air in and propels clean air outward. When the room needed a little more freshness, we set it to its highest setting and we turned it down when we just wanted a light scent from the lavender oil it came with. It also cleans up to 600 sq. ft.

As the name implies, it sports an orb-like design and operates with a blue LED light. It also uses a water reservoir to trap contaminants in the air for rooms of up to 600 square feet. And if you prefer to use essential oils, the EcoGecko Earth Globe can accommodate.

One issue we noticed with this purifier is that the orb gets dirty after around two weeks of use and will need cleaning. Additionally, cleaning the air purifier is difficult as the internals are not water protective. Said differently, if you get the motor wet, then it can damage the machine. Be careful when cleaning. Also, like the other purifiers in this article, the water sloshes around as the machine vibrates. This can cause the purifier to actually move. 

The EcoGecko Water Air Purifier is 6.5 x 6.5 x 8 inches and 1.74 lbs, so it can fit nicely in almost any room of your home and is easy to move. Finally, the blue light that shines through the water and aroma oil looks really cool and complements a room nicely.  


  • Very easy to set up and clean
  • Sports a cool design
  • Adjustable fan speeds


  • Noisier at higher speeds
  • Dust and dirt collects on the inside in hard to reach areas
  • Difficult to clean

Frequently Asked Questions

Are water air purifiers effective?

Yes, they are very effective for trapping dust, dander, and allergens so that they are not simply re-released into the air. They can also be effective for room humidification.

How do you clean a water-based air purifier?

Most water-based air purifiers feature a detachable reservoir bowl or bottom portion. All you have to do to clean it is carefully detach it, dump the old water out, clean it with a sponge or rag and a mild detergent, rinse it and set it to dry.

Can air be filtered through water?

Yes. When air is passed or forced through water, the contaminants it contains are flushed out and trapped in the water. Water can be a very effective filtration system for larger contaminants and particles in the air.

Last Words

It should be noted that all of the products on our list are suited for small to medium-sized rooms. We were only able to test water-based air purifiers in small to medium-sized rooms so we opted for products that were rated for smaller areas. That being said, these were the 3 best-performing devices we came across in our testing. These are all great products to have; especially if you like to keep your rooms properly humidified. They are pretty much essential if you have a pet and there is a lot of fur floating through your indoor air. These are definitely the best water air purifiers available today so be sure to check them out.

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