Will an Air Purifier eliminate Dog Odor?

Dog Odor

Although dogs are great pets, they can be a burden in your home. Its simple, dogs smell. Just as any human would begin to smell after not showering for weeks at a time, so does a dog. Luckily, there are ways to reduce a dog’s odor in your home. One of the most effective ways is to use an air purifier. Air purifiers are great for odor reduction. I personally use an air purifier in my home for this purpose and it works like a charm. The purifier captures the dog smell & allergens, absorbs the VOCs (Volatile organic compounds) that produce odor, and releases clean, fresh, and odorless air back into my home.

Which type of air purifier filter eliminates dog odor?

Dog odor and allergiesThe best type of air purifier filter for odor is an activated carbon filter. Many people do not know what this is, so we will explain. An activated carbon filter is a filter that’s made up of millions of charcoal particles that have been crushed into a fine dust. Because charcoal has the ability to be crushed into minute particles and the substances is so porous, this generates massive amounts of surface area. The large amounts of surface area absorb substances as they flow into the purifier.

What produces dog odor?

Many people think that dog odor is only generated from dog hair, but this is actually not true. Dog odor is actually produced from both dander and shed hair. Dogs are not cleaned often and spend a lot of time outdoors. This means they eventually start to smell musty. When the dig spends time inside, not only do they drag in dirt, mud, and other substances from the outdoors, they also shed their hair and dander.

Dander is the dead skin that falls from a pets body. This dead skin has bacteria and VOCs baked into it and they begin to smell. Dog hair also causes odor. The reason dog hair causes odor is because it traps dirt, bacteria, and other substances. If your dog is not washed regularly then we suggest that you get an air purifier to eliminate the odor.


If you have a dog in your home it is almost inevitable that it is going to smell. One of the most effective ways for eliminating dog odor is to use an air purifier. We use the Levoit LVH-132 to capture the dog odor, but there are several different kinds that can get the job done.  If you also have cats, learn about an air purifier for cat hair and more.bbe

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