Air Oasis AO3000 Extreme G3 Air Purifier Review

You may be incredibly diligent when it comes to keeping your home spic and span, but there is always more you can do. One of the ways that you can supplement your own cleaning efforts is by using an air purifier. If you are concerned about mold spores traveling in the air of your home, making you and your family sick, and settling on your surfaces, then you owe it to yourself to read the following review. You may have even used a traditional air purifier in the past that didn’t live up to your expectations. But today, we are not reviewing a traditional air purifier. Today we are looking at the Air Oasis AO3000 Extreme G3. This is a technologically advanced, filter-less appliance that takes air purifiers to the next level. Keep reading for an in-depth Air Oasis Review.


  • Uses technology originally developed by NASA
  • There are no filters to replace
  • Utilizes UV light to sanitize the air
  • Surprisingly compact
  • Can be used in virtually any space
  • Comes in a CARB compliant model


  • Doesn’t operate as quiet as advertised
  • You need to pay more if you want the 3,000 square foot coverage model
  • Controls are rather limited
  • Isn’t very effective for odors

What you can Expect to Pay

The Air Oasis AO3000 Extreme G3 comes in 2 different models. The Air Oasis AO3000 Extreme G3 costs around $500. The 1000G3 costs only around $400. This price disparity is due to the fact that the Air Oasis AO3000 Extreme G3 sanitizes air in up to 3,000 square foot areas while the 1000G3 sanitizes air in, you guessed it, 1,000 square foot areas.

Looks and Dimensions

The Air Oasis AO3000 Extreme G3 looks like a very modern home appliance. You get the sense that it is a kind of futuristic tower fan. It takes in air via a honeycomb intake mounted to the top of the unit and backlit by a cool blue UV light. As wen mentioned earlier, this technologically advanced purifier is surprisingly compact. It stands at about 16.1 inches and has a square base of 4×4 inches.

Types of Filters

Again, as we mentioned before, the Air Oasis AO3000 Extreme G3 does not have any replaceable filters. Instead, this purifier relies on a UVC lamp that eradicates airborne pollutants and an ionizer that neutralizes mold, germs, bacteria and viruses.

How Much Air Does it Purify?

The Air Oasis AO3000 Extreme G3 model seems to work well in large areas. We ran it in a large living room about 800 square feet and we could notice a difference after a couple of hours. While we did not test its apparent max capacity (3,000 square feet), we were confident that given enough time, it would make a noticeable difference in the quality of the air in larger rooms. You can also get a smaller version of this purifier that is rated to purify air in 1,000 square foot areas.

What can it do?

The Air Oasis AO3000 Extreme G3 has 3 fan speeds and features advanced hydration photocatalytic oxidation sanitation – a fancy way of saying that it uses an advanced UVC light to kill germs and airborne pollutants. It is also rated to eliminate up to 99% of volatile organic compounds in the air.

Final Verdict

Thanks for reading this Air Oasis review. While it did take a while to notice a difference, in the end, we could tell that the Air Oasis AO3000 Extreme G3 was making the air cleaner. Again, it took a couple hours or so but we attribute that to the diminutive size of the Air Oasis AO3000 Extreme G3. We could put up with the not-so-silent fan knowing that it was really making the air purer. If you are adamant about having a truly clean home and want to make the air in your house healthier, you should definitely check out the Air Oasis AO3000 Extreme G3. Find more air oasis reviews here.

Overall Rating: 4.6

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