Bissell Air320, According to Reviewers

If you take a lot of pride in the look of your home and have been looking for an air purifier that will complement your décor and not detract from it, the following review may be very helpful to you. It’s hard to choose between aesthetic appeal and cleaner air and even harder to find a purifier that marries good-looks and powerful purification. But we have found an air purifier that does just that. Today we will be looking at the Bissell Air320 – a modern air purifier with vintage good looks.

Bissell Air 320 Review


  • Looks like an antique, vintage appliance
  • Offers 3-stage air purification
  • The fabric, pre-filter is washable
  • Uses a true HEPA filter
  • Easy to operate controls
  • Comes from a trusted home appliance company


  • No UV light sanitation
  • The fan is loud on the highest setting
  • It’s a bit wide

Our Bissell Air 320 Review Information:

What you can Expect to Pay

Our Bissell Air 320 review helps us see that this is a relatively affordable product that provides the essentials of home air purification. While the price may vary a bit depending on the retailer you buy the Bissell Air 320 from, you can typically expect to pay around $330.

Looks and Dimensions

We really liked the design of the Bissell Air 320. While we found the 8.3 depth width of this purifier a bit cumbersome, that was overshadowed by the vintage design. It features 4 faux wood legs and a knob that operates the fan speeds. There is a digital display embedded seamlessly on the control panel that adds just enough modern flair to the design. The front-mounted cloth pre-filter is rectangular which makes the whole thing like an old-timey radio. It stands at about 25 inches high and 14.5 inches wide.

What Type of Filters does it use?

The Bissell Air 320 employs a 3-filter system. The first filter is a cloth pre-filter that captures fine debris in the air like hair, dust and particulate matter. This filter is semi-permanent and can be washed. The second filter is a HEPA filter and the 3rd is an activated carbon filter.

How Much Air does it Purify?

The wide front air intake of the Bissell Air 320 allows it to work fairly quickly for larger rooms. You can use it in your larger living spaces like your living rooms, dens, and master suites. It is rated to purify the air in rooms of 1,000 square feet and smaller.

What can it do?

From our Bissell Air320 review, one of the things we really liked about the Bissel Air 320 besides its chic design was the fact that it has an activated carbon filter. This was very helpful for filtering out cooking odors and smoke. In fact, we placed it at the entrance of our kitchen for a month and it cut the amount of cooking odor that seeped into the living room in half. The Bissell Air 320 also features the Bissell “CirQulate” system which detects the number of pollutants in the air and adjusts the fan speed accordingly. On the top-mounted digital display, CirQulate will also give you real-time updates on the quality of the air.

The Bissell Air320 Smart Air Purifier

The Bissell Air320 Smart Air Purifier comes with Carbon and HEPA Filters for homes, quiet bedrooms, large rooms and any other room you can think of in a home. It works as an air cleaner/purifier for allergies, dander, pets, dust, pollen, smoke and odors. It also comes with Auto Mode and can be found in the color choices of grey and white.

Final Words

Bissell can work on making their top fan speed a little quieter, but overall we really liked the Bissell Air 320. It actually contributed to our home décor and it provided adequate air purification. We also liked that the air intake was very large. We could tell that it was sucking a lot of dirty air in and redistributed clean air. The filters were also easy to change. While it is not the most advanced air purifier on the market, it is a great choice for a mid-grade home purifier that is also aesthetically appealing.

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Overall Rating: 4.0

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