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EnviroKlenz Air Purifier


The EnviroKlenz® Air System Plus offers exceptional indoor air quality through its patented earth mineral technology, making it a top choice of air purifiers for home and commercial use. The Air System Plus offers a wide range of benefits through its innovative technology and internal components, unique to competing options in the market.

Check out what makes the EnviroKlenz® Air System Plus stand out from the rest through its features, performance, and benefits.

EnviroKlenz® Patented Earth Mineral Technology

The Air System Plus was built on the foundation of EnviroKlenz’s® earth mineral technology. This uses a combination of natural earth minerals that chemically react to capture and destroy airborne pathogens in a non-toxic manner without releasing any subsequent toxics back into the air. Initially utilized for remediation of chemical warfare and still used by the U.S. military today, EnviroKlenz’s® technology has been formulated into its air cartridges for filtration use within its air systems. They bring the same innovation into homes and commercial spaces across North America.

Features of EnviroKlenz® Air System Plus

The combination of the Air System Plus’s features supports the purifier’s high efficiency of capturing and removing airborne particulate matter. This results in the greatest level of protection against these risks.

  • EnviroKlenz® Air cartridge– Utilizing the EnviroKlenz® patented earth mineral technology, the Air Cartridge within the system serve as the first line of defense in the filtration process. The cartridge is 99.9% effective in the removal of microbials via third-party testing. The cartridge alone can defend against air pollutants, setting it apart from other air purifiers with simpler filtration systems.
  • HEPA Filter– Additional filtration is done through medical-grade HEPA filters to efficiently capture any particulates that may not be captured by the air cartridge.
  • UV-C Lights– As an added layer of germicidal defense, UV-C bulbs within the Air System Plus deactivate viruses and bacterial microbials so they can no longer spread infection. This ensures airborne pathogens are thoroughly exterminated before the filtration system swiftly removes them.
  • Air Exchange Rate– The Air System Plus has a high air exchange rate capable of turning over the air in a 1,000 cubic foot room more than two times the rate of a normal HVAC system. This shows how the air purifier can enhance the average level of ventilation in a room.
  • Other Benefits– The castors on the Air System Plus provide mobility and allow for easy transportation between rooms. Made out of powder coated metal, it is strong and durable, making it a worthwhile investment. The adjustable blower settings on the front panel of the system also allow its user to choose how loud the system will function based on noise preference.  Therefore, the Air System Plus is adaptable to individual needs.

Benefits of EnviroKlenz® Air System Plus

The Air System Plus provides an array of benefits, both health and comfort related. It  promotes a safer environment in whatever home or facility it is utilized in. The following benefits include:

  • Virus and bacterial defense– Using an Air System Plus in a high-traffic space can mitigate the risk of airborne germicidal pathogens spreading from person to person. Especially relevant to current conditions involving the pandemic, the 99.9% proven effectiveness of the Air System Plus in removing airborne pathogens makes it a great defense in areas of high germicidal risk.
  • Odor Elimination– The Air System Plus can remove lingering odors of pets, smoking, and household activities like cooking and cleaning. With its frequent air exchange rate, this machine replaces stale air with odorless, clean air.
  • Dust & Allergen Removal and Mold Prevention– Dust particles and mold are major triggers of allergies and sensitivities, not to mention are risky exposures to one’s health. The Air System Plus prevents this type of exposure by capturing particulates like dust and allergens, as well as trapping existing mold spores. 
  • Outdoor Air Pollution– Outdoor air pollutants stemming from industrial pollution and environmental contributors like wildfires can seep into indoor spaces, compromising the quality of air. To remove the smells and particulate matter associated with these conditions, using the Air System Plus in areas of high exposure can combat these side effects.

Key Takeaways

Taking a deeper look into the components of EnviroKlenz’s Air System Plus and the advantages of using it, it is clear to see how the innovative technology paired with proven high-quality performance makes the Air System Plus a notable choice among available air purifiers. It has many functions that provide benefits which satisfy countless needs and conditions. Great for pet owners and allergy-prone people in the home, and health-conscious workers in offices, schools, and hospitals. The EnviroKlenzs Air System Plus is suitable for all types of consumers. Distinguishable from its competitors, the simple, safe, and effective charm of the EnviroKlenz® Air System Plus makes achieving clean air easy. 

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