Germ Guardian AC5900WCA Air Purifier Review

Finding a quality air purifier that won’t break the bank is hard. With so many modern features packed into expensive air purifiers, it can be tough to find one that offers all the essentials without making you pay for superfluous features. But today we are bringing you a review of a real gem. The Germguardian ac5900wca is an affordable air purifier that delivers adequate filtration and all the features you need. In the following review, we will show you why this is a quality air purifier and tell you everything you need to know about its benefits and shortcomings.

Germguardian AC5900WCA Air Purifier Review

Pros & Cons


  • The Germguardian ac5900wca is very affordable
  • Features a UV filtration system
  • Features a true HEPA filter
  • It can help reduce pet odors, cooking odors and everyday living odors
  • Large filter size
  • 3-speed fan


  • Designed for smaller spaces
  • You have to manually switch between fan speed as it does not automatically detect air purity
  • Does not work very well for smoke odor
  • Runs a bit loud when in the higher two fan speeds


One of the best things about the Germguardian ac5900wca is its price. It gives you all the must-have air purification features in a device just under $200. The price you pay may vary depending on the retailer but in general, you should be able to find it in the ballpark of $200.

Design & Size

The front of the Germguardian ac5900wca bears a sleek, simple flat panel design in white. It stands about 21 inches tall, is 9.6 inches wide the short way and 16 inches wide the long way. The back of the unit juts out a bit for the fan and air distribution – think old CRT television. The 5 control buttons are embedded on the top of the unit.


The Germguardian ac5900wca features a single J style, 21 inch HEPA filter and a charcoal pre-filter. There is also a UV bulb that can be operated separately and serves to sanitize the air coming out of the device from viruses and germs. The frequency with which you will have to change the filters will vary depending on how often you run it. But in general, we have found that the filters last for about 6-8 months of moderate use (twice every hour for a half hour).

Room Coverage

The Germguardian ac5900wca works best for rooms that are 338 square feet and smaller. We tested it in larger rooms to see how it would fare and it did make a difference; but we felt that we had to run the device for longer periods of time at max speed.


Like we said in the opening of this review, the Germguardian ac5900wca has all the essentials covered. It has 3 speed levels including a sleep mode for quiet operation. The optional UV light can be turned on or off via a separate power button. There is also an indicator light that will turn on when it’s time to change the true HEPA filter. The Germguardian ac5900wca does not produce ozone either.

Closing Words

We really liked the Germguardian ac5900wca. It is a bare-bones air purifier that really delivers on quality and value. The only caveat to mention about it in fact is that it does not have an auto-detect feature that operates based on the presence of pollutants in the air. We actually like this feature in other purifiers and while we wish the Germguardian ac5900wca had it as well, it isn’t enough to change the fact that this is a great purifier for the price. It’s simple to use and we would definitely recommend it if you are looking for an adequate air purifier for a bargain price.

Overall Rating: 4.5

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