Best Air Purifiers for 800 Square Feet

It is often hardest to shop for air filters for medium-sized rooms. You don’t want to pay too much for an overpowered purifier, but at the same time, you don’t want to pay less only to be left with less than adequate room coverage. But don’t worry, we spent the time and energy trying out different air purifiers so yo wouldn’t have to. In the following review, we will highlight the best air purifiers for an 800 square foot room.

The Best Air Purifier for 800 Sq. Ft. Comparison


  • Air Quality Sensor
  • Breathe easier 
  • Get more restful sleep
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Affordable Price


  • Great for overnight use
  • Customizable filters
  • Customizable front display
  • Can hang on the wall


  • Reduce viruses and bacteria
  • Very quiet
  • Great for overnight use
  • Has an Air Quality Sensor
  • Customizable colors

Best Air Purifier for 800 Square Feet Reviews

Alen BreatheSmart 45i Air Purifier

A less powerful brother of the 75i, the BreatheSmart 45i delivers all the same air purification features in a more affordable package. Perfect for rooms around 800 square feet, this device cleans the air very quickly on Turbo Mode. It doesn’t consume much energy either, just 36 watts! The quiet sleep mode is also great for waking up to fresher air without being disturbed in the night.

With its sleek design it can fit almost anywhere, and using a true HEPA filter means that it captures 99.99% of air particles. This air purifier has a Smart Sensor which detects the air quality and reports it back to you using a 5-color system. 


  • Comes in a variety of colors so you can customize it to your liking
  • Perfect for mid-size rooms
  • Has an easy-to-use touch panel 
  • Produces very little ozone
  • Detects the air quality of your home
  • Very quiet and produces pink noise, which is great for sleeping
  • Although a moderate size, it is only 15 pounds, making it easy to move around


  • Filter replacements are pricey

Trial Results

Anyone with pets knows that its a constant battle vs pet hair and dander. If you have seasonal allergies as well, an air purifier is a must. When we first plugged in this device we ran it on high for two hours, in order to get a few cycles in rather quickly. After about half an hour of use the air was noticeably cleaner. It had greatly reduced any smells and the air felt more pure. With its intuitive touch display and and the auto-feature, this is a set-it-and-forget-it device. 
RabbitAir MinusA2 Air Purifier

The RabbitAir Minus A2 is an interesting device. It looks like a computer monitor, yet acts as a high-grade air purifier. You have multiple options when it comes to the way it looks, choosing from their artists series to children-friendly Hello Kitty and Peanuts themes, interchangeable by removing the front panel.

You can also select between a variety of customizable filters. They have Germ Defense filter, Pet Allergy filter, Toxin Absorber filter, and Odor Remover filter. These al work side-by-side with the BioGS HEPA filter, which has an efficiency of 99.97% to trap allergens as small as .3 microns. 

There are 5 filters total: the Pre-filter, Medium filter, BioGS HEPA filter, Customized filter, and the Activated Carbon filter. By the time your air makes it through all of these, it is clean and pure. 

This air purifier, unlike the others on our list, can not only stand alone somewhere in your room, but can also be mounted on the wall. This is the only air purifier we know of that has that capability.

The RabbitAir has a light sensor which will automatically transition into sleep mode when the room goes dark, and resumes higher output levels when the light levels increase. This makes it a great choice for bedrooms, as you will not have to fiddle with your air purifier when it is time for bed. It is also very quiet, with noise levels ranging from 20.8 to 45.6 dBA.  

Covering up to 800 square feet, this is a great air purifier for mid-sized rooms or studio apartments, offices, and work spaces. 


  • Very compact and lightweight
  • Indicator light will tell you when it’s time to change the filter
  • Wall-mountable so it doesn’t need to take up floor space
  • Customizable fronts
  • Remote control for easy use


  • Most expensive air purifier on our list 
  • Will go to “sleep” in a dark room, so manual over ride is needed if you want stronger air purification

Trial Results

With the customizable front panel, this air purifier is great for anyone who wants to disguise the unit. We love that you can use it traditionally or hang it on a wall, which. makes it great for those who live in small spaces. The customizable filters give you better control over the problem areas of your home, and the intuitive display panel is easy to read and use. The 5 fan speeds vary in strength quite noticeably, but even at the strongest it was still relatively quiet. The auto-sleep feature is great for bedroom use, and having it start up strong again in the morning makes this a very hands-off device.
Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 Air Purifier

The Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 is a very sleek and modern looking air purifier. It comes in a variety of colors and styles, which makes it a great choice is interior design aesthetic is important to you.

Like the others on our list, it is very capable of cleaning an 800 square foot room quickly. It is also quiet, running from 32 to 49 dBA, making it another great air purifier for overnight use. Using a True HEPA filter, 99.99% of air contaminants .1 micron and smaller are removed from the air. This includes pet hair and dander, dust, allergens, and even aerosolized viruses!

This device has an advanced particle sensor which informs you of the status to he air quality in your home. Using vivid LED color rings, it’s easy to see what’s going on and adjust the fan speeds accordingly. 


  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Offers a max of 231 CFM, perfect for 800 square foot rooms
  • Runs very quietly
  • You can pick from a variety of colors and styles
  • Has a particle sensor which detects the air quality of your home


  • Customer service is hard to get a hold of
  • Does not have as much of an impact on odors as the others on our list

Trial Results

This device was very easy to set up and once we plugged it in, the indicator light showed that our air quality was in the “red” zone. This is during the height of allergy season, so we weren’t surprised. We ran it on high and within 2 hours it went down to orange, and one hour later to the healthy blue. While this does work well, it took a little longer for the air to become “clean” (by its own standards) than the others on our list.

What to Look for in an Air Purifier for 800 Sq. Ft.

Choosing an air purifier for an 800 square foot space specifically can be tricky. So in general, you should look for the following features:

  1. Air coverage rating of no more than 1,200 square feet
  2. Multi-stage fan operation
  3. Compact size of no more than 30 inches high and 18 inches wide

Benefits of Air Purifiers for 800 Square Feet

The benefits of selecting an air purifier specifically for 800 square foot spaces are economical and health-related. First of all, a mid-capacity air purifier will run you about $200 cheaper than a high-capacity unit that you wouldn’t need for an 800 square foot space in the first place. Air purifiers can also be very effective for keeping mid-sized rooms clean and dust-free which may limit the risk of respiratory complications and irritation.

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

Will a small air purifier work in a large room? 

Not necessarily. Smaller air purifiers may only cover the immediate area around them and not provide enough coverage for an 800 square foot space.

How do I know if my air purifier is working? 

Check the filters. If you see debris in the filters, then you know it is taking in and filtering air. The air will also feel cleaner, easier to breathe and fresher if it is working properly.

Do air purifiers work with windows open? 

Yes, but not as well. They have to work harder when a continuous flow of new air is being fed into a room as opposed to being left to purify a static space.

Final Thoughts

The purifiers we have covered would be perfect for any 800 square foot room. Ultimately, your lifestyle, personal preferences and existing medical conditions will determine which one is best for you. But this is a great start for anyone. Take a closer look at them today!

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