Can Air Purifiers Eliminate Musty Smells?

If you are dealing with mildew odor, fungus smells, mold smell, basement odor or a musty smell that just won’t go away, an air purifier may be the only thing that can help. Musty odors are some of the most difficult kinds to banish because oftentimes, they come from within your walls or areas of … Read more

The Best Air Purifiers for Smoke Under $100

Smoke in a dark room

Air purifiers are expensive, and finding an air purifier that is both affordable and effective can be a difficult task. Thats why we’ve done it for you. We’ve spent months researching the best air purifiers for smoke under $100 and have come up with a condensed list of 3 purifiers that will not only clean … Read more

Will an Air Purifier eliminate Dog Odor?

Although dogs are great pets, they can be a burden in your home. Its simple, dogs smell. Just as any human would begin to smell after not showering for weeks at a time, so does a dog. Luckily, there are ways to reduce a dog’s odor in your home. One of the most effective ways … Read more