Best Asbestos Detector Test Kit, According to Reviewers

Until the mid-1970s, asbestos was a very popular construction material.  This fibrous mineral became well-known as a fire retardant and insulation material, but today, we realize that long-term exposure to asbestos fibers in the air can cause serious damage to lung tissue.  It can even lead to lung cancer and mesothelioma. Finding the best asbestos … Read more

Best Radon Gas Detector

Your home is your haven, and you would do anything to protect it and your family.  Radon gas occurs naturally, and can be harmful to humans, unless action is taken to mitigate the risks.  By purchasing the best radon gas detector, you’ll be able to accurately assess the danger within your home, and quickly take … Read more

Best Mold Detector and Air Sensor, According to Reviewers

Many people don’t realize that the air in their home is often more dangerous than the air outside. Unfortunately, mold is a big reason for this issue. Mold can cause indoor air quality issues and a number of health problems. Specifically, mold can cause allergies, asthma, breathing problems, and chronic health conditions. There are two … Read more