How to Get Rid of Second Hand Smoke | Eliminate and Remove

Secondhand smoke can cause respiratory issues in children and adults.  Due the the effects of smoke exposure, it is important to get rid of second hand smoke in your home.  What is second hand smoke? Secondhand smoke is the excess smoke discharged from burning tobacco products such as cigarettes and cigars. This excess smoke consists … Read more

6 Easy Ways to Remove Smoke From your Home

Remove Smoke

The best way to remove smoke from your home is to remove the actual source of smoke. In order to remove the source, tobacco products should be used outdoors or smoking should stop all together. If quitting smoking and restricting tobacco use is not an option, the following tips can be used to reduce indoor … Read more

How does an Ionic Air Purifier Work?

Ionic Air Purifier

Using Ionic Air Purifiers for your Home Using an ionic air purifier in your home can remove most airborne particles such as smoke, dust, pet dander, mold, and pollen. Ionic air purifiers are one of the many different types of air purifiers to consider when making an investment. Researching the different types of air purification … Read more