LG vs. Panasonic Air Conditioner Comparison

When shopping for home AC units, it’s good practice to look into what each brand has to offer. Often, you can tell a lot about a brand by what kind of AC models they produce, what their warranties are like and of course, the price – especially compared to other brands.

Using these criteria is useful because you can more accurately line up your values with that of a specific company. It’s just a way to make shopping a little bit easier because let’s face it, sifting through the features of a bunch of different individual models is enough to make your head spin. So we thought we’d provide consumers with a bit of insight into two popular home AC manufacturers.

LG vs. Panasonic Price Comparison

 Of course, you’re not going to compare the price of a massive AC of one brand to that of a tiny AC of another brand. So for this comparison, we tested the 9,000 BTU ¾ ton Exterior mini-split ductless AC with the 10,000 BTU window-mounted AC from LG. Both of these models can be operated via remote and are Energy Star rated. They also both have quiet modes.

However, the LG model is much less expensive at about $300 while the similar Panasonic model is almost $500.

Let’s take a look at the beefier ACs from each manufacturer. The 24,500 BTU Window Air Conditioner from LG, which has a cooling capacity of up to 1,500 square feet, is operated via remote, 3 cooling levels, 3 fan speeds, and an automatic restart function costs $700. The 24,000 BTU 2 ton Exterior mini-split system from Panasonic, which is controlled via remote, has a cooling capacity of 800 square feet, and has an automatic restart function that costs $940.

LG vs. Panasonic AC Ranges

In terms of AC units, LG and Panasonic have 2 very different areas of emphasis. Panasonic produces mainly ductless mini-split systems while LG focuses on portable ACs and wall-mounted units. In terms of options, you get more with LG – but not much more. That’s because, for residential use, Panasonic only offers wall-mounted mini-split systems.

On the other hand, LG makes thru-wall units, portable AC’s and window-mounted AC’s. If you’re looking for a commercial system though we would recommend starting your search with Panasonic as they are more known in the commercial sector for HVAC systems while the commercial footprint for LG has more to do TV’s, monitors, and computers.

LG Vs. Panasonic Cooling Power

For this comparison, we tested a window-mounted unit from LG with a mini-split system from Panasonic. We placed both units in a 900 square foot living room (at different times of course) to see which one had:

  1. A) Better cooling capacity and,
  2. B) Had the better ability to cool the room down quickly.

We set the 15,000 BTU Exterios mini-split system from Panasonic up and got it going. We started by setting the temperature at 77 when it was 82 degrees outside. The Exterios ran for about a half-hour and the room was still at 78. It wasn’t until about 45 minutes that the Exterios turned off and the desired temperature was reached – only the further reaches of the living room still felt warm.

Next, we set up the 15,000 BTU Wall-Mounted air conditioner from LG and set it to 76 degrees. By this time, the outside temperature had fallen to 79 degrees. We could feel a difference almost immediately. The LG model got the entire room chilly after about 20 minutes and turned itself off at about 25 minutes. Every part of the living room was cool too. And in case you were wondering, the Panasonic model costs about $400 more.

LG vs. Panasonic Usability

 The cool thing about LG is that a lot of their portable AC and window AC models are Wi-Fi enabled so you can control them with your smartphone. Most of their AC models can also be controlled via remote. Panasonic models are mostly controlled with remote and don’t have the onboard Wi-Fi options. However, their remotes do tend to be more intuitive with digital readouts and lots of control options.

LG Warranty vs. Panasonic Warranty

This is a comparison that Panasonic is going to win 9 times out of 10 – no matter which brand you’re comparing it to. Panasonic offers a warranty on all parts that lasts 3 years. The DC motor of most of their models is covered under warranty for 6 years. Most LG AC’s are covered under warranty for 1 year. This includes parts and labor.

Which is the Better Brand?

The only thing we really don’t like about LG AC’s is that they don’t offer any mini-split or multi-room options. Panasonic doesn’t have many multi-room options either but at least they have mini-split systems which tend to be less invasive and more efficient.

In terms of price and cooling capacity though, LG is the better brand. In fact, we would recommend LG to anyone who doesn’t really care about a lengthy warranty and doesn’t mind not having the mini-split option. Plus, LG models can be controlled with your phone which makes them more convenient. We think LG has it where it matters most overall.

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