Molekule vs. Honeywell Air Purifier Comparison

Air purifiers aren’t just about making a room feel cleaner. They can also be a great boon to your health. Some air purifiers (like the ones we will be talking about today) are designed to kill bacteria and viruses that can cause all kinds of sicknesses. And in light of the fact that the air quality in the average American home is 5 times more polluted than outdoor air, you can use all the help you can get. So today we are going to be looking at products from two companies that are pioneering air purification technology to improve overall health: Molekule and Air Oasis.

Molekule vs. Honeywell Comparison Ratings



Molekule vs. Honeywell Reviews

We were interested to see what the “turbo” mode of this Honeywell purifier could do. We set it on turbo and left it in a room that our Chocolate Lab frequents and in about a half hour, the air was noticeably fresher and the pet odors were reduced. The turbo setting operates the fan up to 5 times an hour in rooms up to 450 square feet. Aside from the true HEPA filter in this device, there is also an activated carbon filter which helps with the pet odors.

The whole unit weighs 22 pounds and its dimensions are 20 x 9.2 x 22.2. It is recommended that you replace the pre-filters every three months but we used a vacuum to clean them after about 2 months and they still worked fine for a couple more months. There are also specific settings you can choose that allow the purifier to focus on allergens, germs or just general air cleanliness.


  • Comes from s trusted brand
  • Tried and true HEPA technology
  • Easy operation

First, we have Molekule which makes their air purifiers with a proprietary catalyst air filter. It’s called a PECO filter which stands for photo electrochemical oxidation. It essentially works by breaking down volatile organic compounds and bacteria to tiny little molecules and then trapping those molecules. Their standard air purifier also comes with two pre-filters that are pretty easy to change but need to be replaced every three months.


  • Multi-stage filtration
  • Great for medium to large rooms
  • Unique filter technology

For smaller spaces, Molekule has come out with a mini version of their standard air purifier. It still has the proprietary PECO filter but just one pre-filter. There are 5 fan speeds and it operates very quietly on the lowest setting. You can use this air purifier to clean the air in spaces 250 square feet or smaller. The frame itself is made of medical grade polycarbonate and features a felt handle that you can use to carry it from room to room.


  • More compact than the standard version
  • Filter is easy to change
  • Lightweight

Honeywell vs. Molekule Company Comparison


Honeywell is a multinational conglomerate that makes a wide variety of products. From aerospace materials to occupational safety and productivity products, it seems Honeywell has its hand in every industry you can think of. They’re headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina and have been making air purifiers as well as HVAC materials for quite some time now. They are able to produce high-quality air filters for an economical price because of the size of their company and the seemingly unlimited amount of resources at their disposal.


Molekule was started by a brother and sister duo that went to Stanford to study engineering. The company was initially launched in 2014 after decades of testing and research. It was the co-CEOs’ father that first developed the PECO filter technology in response to his son’s severe case of asthma. Over the years, they refined the technology into what it is today.

Final Thoughts

Between these two companies, we think it really comes down to the economy. The Molekule Company is making some really exciting air purification products that could disrupt an entire industry. But they are a smaller company that still has to charge a premium price for their proprietary technology.

Honeywell, on the other hand, is a huge conglomerate that can offer their products for a lower price, though they aren’t breaking any new ground with their air purifiers. They use HEPA filters which are still the standard but aren’t very innovative.

We loved how both of these purifiers worked for medium to large rooms so if you have some money to spend and want to support a fledgling business, go with Molekule. If you prefer an economical, tried and true device, Honeywell has you covered.

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