Molekule Vs. Rabbit Air Purifier Comparison


Oftentimes, you can get a pretty good feel for how a manufacturer operates simply by taking a look at one or two of the products they make. After all, words can only do so much. As the old adage goes “actions speak louder than words.” To familiarize ourselves with a couple of emerging companies in the air purification space, we tested their products. On one side, we have a couple of purifiers from Molekule. On the other, we have one of the best-rated purifiers from Rabbit Air.

Molekule vs. Rabbit Air MinusA2

Air ContaminantMolekuleMolekule MiniRabbit Air MinusA2
Chemicals, Gases, & ToxinsBestGoodGood
Bacteria, Viruses, & GermsBestGoodGood

Molekule vs. Rabbit Air MinusA2 Company Comparison


The Molekule Company was founded in 2014 by a couple of Stanford-educated engineers. They refined their father’s (who now serves as the company’s chief scientist) PECO filter and built it into a line of very compact and economical air purifiers. Today, their air purifiers are sold all around the world as their business continues to thrive. From their Air Purifier and Mini Air Purifier, it is plain to see that Molkeule is a company that focuses on innovation and not one that hinges on current trends and technologies.

Rabbit Air

RabbitAir began as a small company in 2004. They operated out of a garage in Los Angeles and came out with their proprietary BioGS HEPA filtration system. Today, they have offices all around the world and have won multiple awards for the design of their air purifiers. After using their product, we can safely say that eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing design is as important to them as effective odor and air pollutant management.

This thing was built to be handy. It’s lightweight, compact and even comes with a leather strap so you can pick it up and easily carry it from room to room as needed. As if that weren’t enough, it also has a touchscreen display and you can connect it to your WiFi source and control it using the Molekule mobile app. It purifies 600 square feet of space with its dual PECO (photo electrochemical oxidation) and pre filter.


  • Handsome leather strap
  • Can be controlled from your smartphone
  • Good for large rooms

This is an even more compact version of the Molekule Air Purifier at just 11lbs and 12” tall. The air intake for this unit is located at its base and takes in air from a 360 degree angle. Then the air passes through a pre-filter before being further sanitized by the proprietary PECO filter. This filter if effective for destroying volatile organic compounds, mold spores and bacteria in spaces up to 250 square feet or smaller.


  • Runs quiet
  • Includes a pre-filter
  • You can get filters auto-shipped to you

One of the coolest things about this filter is that you can actually mount it to the wall and choose from a wide variety of custom face panels. But it delivers powerful air filtration as well. The MinusA2 sports a 6-stage filtration system which includes a pre-filter, a medium filter for trapping finer particles in the air, a proprietary HEPA filter, a custom filter, an activated carbon filter for getting rid of tough odors and finally, an ionizer. This purifier can be used in areas up to 700 square feet and even comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty.

We mounted this purifier on a wall just outside our kitchen to help deal with some of the smoke and cooking odors and it worked really well. It cut down on odors by at least 75%. We chose the Van Gogh “Starry Night” face panel and it looked great on our wall. And if you’re worried about the ionizer producing ozone in your home, you can turn it on and off.


  • It can be mounted to the wall
  • Many different face panels to choose from
  • 6-stage filtration

Final Thoughts

We really did get a good feel for both of these companies have spent a few months with each of their products. With RabbitAir, we really got the sense that they are an up and coming company that marries aesthetic appeal and effective air purification like no other company ever has.

With Molekule, we feel that they may be onto something big with their PECO filter technology and how small yet effective their products are. Both of these companies deliver on quality air purification but if you want a machine that can be a conversation piece in your home, go with RabbitAir. If convenience and ease of use is more your style, check out Molekule.

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