Oransi vs. Rabbit Air Comparison

Air purifiers aren’t just about making a room feel cleaner. They can also be a great boon to your health. Some air purifiers (like the ones we will be talking about today) are designed to kill bacteria and viruses that can cause all kinds of sicknesses. And in light of the fact that the air quality in the average American home is 5 times more polluted than outdoor air, you can use all the help you can get. So today we are going to be looking at products from two companies that are pioneering air purification technology to improve overall health: Molekule and Air Oasis.

Oransi vs. Rabbit Air Comparison Ratings




Rabbit Air vs. Oransi Air Purifier Reviews

The Max HEPA has been tested in Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers labs to be safe to use around infants and pets. It features a v-HEPA filter which can trap very fine particles that trigger allergic reactions and viruses and bacteria that can lead to illness. There is also an activated carbon filter that helps manage odors of all kinds. There are 4 fan speeds and an auto mode and the whole thing weighs only 18 and a half pounds.


  • The HEPA filter is designed to last for 12 months
  • It can be used in rooms as large as 600 square feet
  • You can vacuum clean the pre-filter

The OV200 features dual-action filtration with a HEPA and activated carbon filter. It removes pollen, dust, mold and odors from the air. We found that this filter works best in smaller rooms like bedrooms and studios. It is only 13 x 23 x 7 inches so it can fit easily into such small rooms. You can control the OV200 via the top mounted control panel or the remote control that it comes with. You also get a 10-year warranty with your purchase.


  • Good for smaller rooms
  • Its lightweight so it can be moved easily
  • Has an auto mode that detects the condition of the air around it

Rabbit Air makes their MinusA2 with a simple yet unheard of innovation: you can mount it to the wall. It doesn’t have to take up space on your floor, coffee table or desk. You can attach it to any wall in your home via the wall mount kit included in the package. And as far as air purification goes, this thing is very versatile. It has a pre-filter for the big stuff like hair and dust, a medium filter for finer particulate matter, a HEPA filter and a charcoal-based activated carbon filter to eliminate odors.

There is also an interchangeable custom filter that you can switch out depending on your needs. This custom filter slot can be filled by a germ defense filter, a pet allergy filter, a toxin absorber filter, or an additional odor removal filter. The choice is yours.


  • You can choose from many different face panel designs and colors
  • Good for 700 square feet of room coverage
  • Remote control operated

RabbitAir vs. Oransi Company Comparison


Rabbit Air was founded in 2004 in Los Angeles. They have since won multiple international design awards and have been responsible for many air purifier innovations like wifi connectivity. Their air purifiers reflect the company’s passion for quality design and versatile air purification.


Oransi was started by a man who was looking for a better way to manage his son’s asthmatic symptoms. In the nearly 2 decades that they have been around, they have become known for making high quality commercial and residential air purifiers. Today, they have offices in the United States and China.

Final Words

We were really impressed with all three of these air purifiers. They handled odor, allergens and dust very well for our indoor spaces. We really liked the room coverage and the high MERV rating of the Oransi air purifiers. We also liked the fact that you could mount the Rabbit Air MinusA2 to the wall or use it as a free-standing air purifier.

The custom filters for the Rabbit Air purifiers allow you to fine tune the quality of your indoor air as well. Any of these fine products would be a good choice if you are looking to get the most out of your air purifier investment so be sure to check them out!

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