Best Asbestos Detector Test Kit, According to Reviewers

Until the mid-1970s, asbestos was a very popular construction material.  This fibrous mineral became well-known as a fire retardant and insulation material, but today, we realize that long-term exposure to asbestos fibers in the air can cause serious damage to lung tissue.  It can even lead to lung cancer and mesothelioma. Finding the best asbestos detector test kit is important to keep your family safe.

Best Asbestos Detector Test Kit Comparison

Best For Fast Results

  • Lab fees included in price
  • Consultation included in price
  • Low cost
  • Quick and accurate results

Also Great

  • Lab fees included in price
  • Consultation included in price
  • Also tests for lead and mold
  • Accurate results
  • Lab fees NOT included in price
  • Consultation NOT included in price
  • Low cost
  • Quick and accurate results

Best Asbestos Detector Test Kit Reviews

SEEML, Inc is an experienced environmental laboratory staffed by biologists and microbiologists, who will thoroughly analyze your returned sample.  Each kit includes everything needed to collect and return your sample. This includes gloves, a protective mask, the instructions, plastic bags for samples, and the return envelope.  

Once completed, you’ll receive a free, detailed professional lab report, along with access to expert consultation. The report covers the % of asbestos, % of Fibrous non-asbestos material and the % of non-fibrous material. The results of your report will be emailed directly to you and you can call them for more information if needed.

 Your sample will be archived for up to two weeks, and your report will be saved for up to three years.


  • All lab fees and consultation costs are included in the original price
  • Kit includes materials for one sample, additional samples may be added on for a fee
  • 2 – 3 day turnaround time for results, once sample is received 


  • None
This test kit from Schneider Labs includes everything you need to fully test for asbestos fibers.  In each kit is a full sheet of instructions, prepaid return shipping label, gloves, and a sample collection bag.  

All shipping, lab, and analysis fees are included in the purchase price.  Results will be sent via PDF attachment to your email address within five days of lab receipt of your sample.


  • Each test kit provides full analysis for one sample, including sampling media, return shipping, lab fees, and consultation.
  • Online portal and automatic notification system help you keep track of your sample’s status.
  • Receive test results five business days from lab receipt of sample.


  • Results are not as quick as others on our list, coming in at 7 – 14 days

The PRO-LAB DIY asbestos test kit will test two samples for asbestos, per box. While the original price is much cheaper than the others on our list, you also have to pay a $40 lab fee to have the two samples tested. The original price you are paying for in this case covers the only gloves, plastic bag for collecting the sample and return envelope. 

Once your samples are received and you pay the testing fee, you will receive an email notification.  Simply download the app to review your samples and results.


  • Easy to use kit includes materials for two samples
  • Results in five days from lab receipt
  • PRO-LAB app makes it easy to track and review your samples and data


  • Need to pay additional $40 for lab fees
  • Does not include protective mask

Trial Results

We tried out these 3 mail-in asbestos testers at the same time, in order to better measure how quick and easy getting the results back would be. From our experience. the SEEML Labs test kit was the best. It contained everything that you needed, including a protective mask (which was lacking from the other tests). The directions were very straightforward and there were no additional costs after the initial purchase. We also received our results a few days quicker than the Schneider Labs test kit, and 2 weeks quicker than that Pro-Lab test kit. 
All three tests came back with negative results, but the quick turnaround time, the protective equipment, and the upfront costs put the SEEML kit ahead of the others. The Scneider Labs testing kit was also good, with a quick turn around time, but lacking the protective mask. The Pro-Lab testing kit was much slower and having to pay for the kit, which was very minimal, as well as the labs testing fees, made this kit one that we wouldn’t recommend. 

Why Do I Need an Asbestos Detector Test Kit?

As noted, asbestos within your home can be very harmful.  In order to protect the long term health of you and your family, it is best to be aware of any dangerous asbestos exposure.

There are several methods for removing or reducing asbestos exposure from your home, and the first step to deciding how to mitigate this problem is through learning the level of exposure.  A test kit will help experts provide detailed information so you can plan for an asbestos-free future.

What Should I Look for When Buying An Asbestos Test Kit?

Before you purchase an asbestos test kit, take a look at what is included in the purchase price.  You may encounter additional fees in addition to the cost of the kit.  These can include:

  • Lab fees
  • Return shipping costs
  • Test fees
  • Return results fees

When comparing costs of test kits, make sure you’re aware of any extra fees.

Additionally, you may wish to review the turnaround time for your results, and results delivery method.  Your test kit will need to be shipped to a laboratory, and the instructions should let you know how long it will take to receive results.  Your results may be delivered via email, posted on an app, or otherwise delivered to you.  Make sure you know how and when to expect them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I have asbestos in my home?

Asbestos was discontinued as a frequently-used building material prior to 1980, so this dangerous material is typically found in older homes.  Unfortunately, it’s impossible to tell if asbestos exists within insulation, wall or ceiling materials, flooring, pipes, and more unless it is tested.

Is asbestos always dangerous?

The highest danger from asbestos comes from inhaling particles of this fiber.  When you drill or nail into a surface that is treated with or contains asbestos, the tiny particles are launched into the air, where they can remain airborne for 48-72 hours.  With intense air circulation, it’s possible for asbestos to remain in the air indefinitely unless it is filtered out.  However, if asbestos is left completely undisturbed, it poses minimal risk.

Final Thoughts

Those who live in older homes may wish to conduct asbestos testing to ensure their living space is safe.  Asbestos home kits allow homeowners to have samples professionally examined in a laboratory setting.

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