Best Cooling Fans for Rooms

Staying cool in the summer can be expensive but it’s essential not only for your comfort; but for your health as well. Being too hot on a consistent basis can lead to heatstroke and in severe cases, organ and brain damage. But how do you keep the rooms in your house cool without breaking the bank on utility bills? Regular box and tower fans are rarely enough to do the trick even though they are cost-effective. But there are certain types of modern cooling fans that will help you stay cool and healthy throughout the summer months. Here are the best cooling fans for rooms.

Best Cooling Fans for Rooms Comparison


  • Cooling Fan
  • Great for Cooling Rooms
  • Evaporative cooler
  • Powerful 
  • Affordable


  • Cooling Fan
  • Evaporative Cooler
  • Eco-friendly
  • Powerful
  • Durable


  • Powerful Oscillating Fan
  • Bladeless
  • Air Purifier
  • Quiet
  • Sleek Design

Best Cooling Fans for Rooms Review

The reason most tower fans are ineffective for cooling is that fans don’t actually affect ambient temperature. But evaporative fans like the Luma Comfort EC11OS do. It uses a 3D cooling pad to evaporate water and cool air down as it circulates. It will actually make the air in any room colder. The fan is very powerful too. It circulates treated air up to 500 CFM. We tested it in our bedroom which is around 350 square feet and it kept us cool all day and night. And when your cooling needs aren’t so dire, it operates as a normal fan.

  • It can work as a humidifier as well
  • 3 fan speeds
  • Comes with wheels so you can move it around easily

This is another evaporative fan that uses good old fashioned physics to cool rooms. It may look like a standard tower fan (in fact, there is a standard tower fan mode), but it has a water tank that can hold a gallon of water to effectively lower ambient temperature. The NewAir AF-310 is only 11.5 inches at its base so it can fit even in your smallest rooms. You can switch through the different cooling modes and fan speeds via remote and there is also a sleep mode for when you want quiet operation.

  • Programmable for up to 7.5 hours
  • Comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • 60-degree oscillation

When you first see this device, you probably won’t think that it’s a fan at all. The Dyson Pure Cool TP01 is the most unique and modern-looking fans we have ever seen. But more importantly; it delivers powerful cooling. With 10 fan speeds that can cool even large rooms (70 degrees of oscillation) and a compact design (40 inches high and a base that is 7.7’ x 7.7’ in diameter), you can put this in any room in your house and feel the temperature difference. This Dyson model also works as an air purifier. It sports a true HEPA filter and activated carbon granules for eliminating odors too.

  • Great at circulating air in large rooms
  • Turns itself off if it gets tipped over
  • 2-year warranty on parts

What to Look for in a Room Cooling Fan

If you are shopping fans for certain rooms in your house, you should be aware of the size of your rooms. Fans are only so powerful so the best cooling fans for rooms should have:

  1. Standard cooling capability measured in square footage
  2. High fan speeds
  3. Evaporative functioning
  4. Oscillation mode

Why use Cooling Fans for Rooms?

The most apparent answer to this question is the economy. Running a cooling fan 12 hours a day will be much less expensive than running a central or even a portable AC in your house. These cooling fans are inexpensive and they are really effective at reducing the ambient temperature in bedrooms, kitchens, dens, studies and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do fans actually cool a room?

Unless you are talking about an evaporative fan, then the answer is technically no. Standard fans don’t reduce ambient temperature but they make you feel cooler by blowing air on your skin.

Is there a fan that cools the air?

Yes. Evaporative fans do actually affect the ambient temperature in a room. Even the Dyson fan on our list which is not evaporative was effective for at least making the air feel cooler in the rooms we tested it in.

Is it bad to sleep with a fan directly on you?

Fans could kick up dust and allergens so it’s best to have the fan oscillate as you sleep.

Last Words

There is a lot to consider when looking for the best fan for rooms – price, energy-efficiency, and performance just to name a few. But the fans on our list were a success in all those important areas. They didn’t raise our electricity bill by any significant amount, they lowered the temperature in the rooms we used them in and they are all reasonably priced. You owe it to yourself to stay cool and check these fans out.

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