Best Dyson Fan in Canada

Dyson has always been an innovative brand. From vacuum cleaners to tower fans, Dyson distinguishes itself through real-world practicality and unmatched design. They make some of the most sought after fans in the industry because they represent an energy-efficient solution to home and personal cooling.  If you are shopping for a Dyson fan in Canada you are already making a smart first move. But to help you out a bit, take a look at these top-rated Dyson fans and their benefits.

Best Dyson Fan in Canada Comparison


  • Cooling fan
  • Bladeless
  • Energy efficient
  • Great price


  • Cooling fan
  • Air Purifier
  • Heater
  • Bladeless


  • Tower fan
  • Bladeless
  • Energy efficient
  • Powerful

Best Dyson Fan in Canada Reviews

With the AM06, Dyson packages its distinctive design and Air Accelerator bladeless technology into a compact desk fan. At just 10 inches wide, this is a perfect fan to fit on your desk, coffee table or on your nightstand. It comes with all the same operational features as the AM07 but runs significantly quieter.

  • Runs at just 110 volts so it’s energy-efficient
  • It can be set to oscillate for total room coverage
  • The easy tilt feature allows you to safely angle the flow of air upwards or downwards

2. Dyson Pure Hot and Cool Fan Canada

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier and Fan Combo

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The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier is a dream for anyone who prefers an all-in-one solution to cooling, heating and air purification. It contains a sealed HEPA filter capable of trapping contaminants as small as 0.3 microns and has an automatic air pollution sensor. As the name indicates, the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier functions as both a space heater and a normal tower fan.

  • The unit can be controlled via remote, connected to WiFi and operated via your smartphone and paired with Alexa for convenient voice control
  • Oscillates 360 degrees for whole-room heating or cooling
  • Features an activated carbon filter and Air Accelerator technology to deliver up to 77 gallons of purified air per second

3. Dyson Air Multiplier Tower Fan Canada

Dyson Air Multiplier Tower Fan

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With a unique design and powerful cooling capability the AM07 offers an optimal alternative to running your AC. The AM07 also features Air Accelerator technology that utilizes and annular apertures that sucks in surrounding air more efficiently and projects it out at a higher velocity – all without fan blades. The result is a powerful stream of cool air without any of the choppiness of normal blade fans.

  • The sleep timer can be programmed for 15 minutes to 9 hours
  • Control all the functions of the Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan including 10 airflow settings with the remote that attaches to the fan via magnet
  • Suitable for large spaces like living rooms without running loud

The Benefits of a Dyson Fan

First and foremost, Dyson fans are reliable. When you buy a Dyson fan, you can count on convenient features and energy-efficient cooling/heating. Dyson doubles down on its reliable reputation by offering 2-year manufacturer warranties on all the fans we included in our list.

And if you prefer the modern design in your home appliances, Dyson delivers. All the fans on our list sport an unmistakable, modern aesthetic.

What to Look for in a Dyson Fan in Canada

When shopping for a Dyson fan, it’s important to have a good idea of what you intend to use yours for.  Some considerations you may want to take include:

  1. The Size of the Space If you want a Dyson fan that can cool large areas, the Dyson Pure Cool series or the Dyson AM07 would be more suitable.
  2. Air Purity – Those looking for a tower fan and air purifier in one should definitely consider the Dyson Pure Cool Purifier series.
  3. Convenience – Choose a fan that matches your emphasis on convenience via remote and WiFi control

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Dyson fan worth it?

Absolutely. They last a long time and perform well for space heating and cooling needs.

Does the Dyson Cool fan actually cool the air?

No tower fan actually lowers the ambient temperature in a room. But they can help lower your internal temperature by cooling off your skin directly.

Can you leave a Dyson fan on all the time?

While that is not the safest practice, Dyson space heaters have safety shut-off features making them safer to operate than other brands.

Final Thoughts

Dyson fans are a great option for individual and space cooling. They offer options to make the air you breathe cooler and even for space heating. A Dyson fan in Canada would be a great investment too because of their reputation for durability.

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