Best Fan with Temperature Control

Do you wake up freezing or sweating in the middle of the night? If so then you aren’t using the right type of fan. You need a fan with temperature control. We have tested and reviewed the best fans with temperature control and summarized our findings below.

Best Fan with Temperature Control Comparison


  • Affordable price
  • Temperature control
  • Remote
  • Low noise


  • Temperature control
  • Remote control
  • Easy to use
  • Oscillating


  • Temperature control
  • Remote
  • Oscillating
  • Great price

It’s amazing what modern tower fans can do these days. From ionization to temperature control, tower fans have become a must for healthy and comfortable homes.

If you are looking for a tower fan with temperature control you are in luck. With any of the following products, you will never have to wake up to a freezing or sweltering bedroom ever again.

Best Fan with Temperature Control Reviews

The first model on our list is from Homech which is a company that makes some of the most advanced tower fans in the industry. This particular model gives you 65 degrees of oscillation range which is good enough to cover large rooms like master bedrooms. You can control the different settings via the top-mounted control panel or the included remote control.

The settings include 3 fan speeds and 3 modes. The modes include a quiet sleep mode, normal and natural air flows. And of course, this Homech tower fan has temperature control which can be programmed to turn on/off once the room reaches a certain temperature. And there is even a front-mounted LED screen that shows you the current temperature in the room and the fan mode/speed. Plus you can program the timer up to 12 hours.

  • Long power cable
  • The base is only 11.8 inches in diameter
  • 35 inches tall

Like the first entry on the list, this TaoTronics temperature control fan with remote sensor has 3 speed and air flow modes. This gives you a total of 9 unique settings to choose from. And like the first entry, this fan also stands 35 inches tall so it should be tall enough to move air over most beds. But this is a safe and powerful temperature control fan. It can move air at a rate of 20 feet per second. And it is completely bladeless so your small children and pets are completely safe with this fan running.

Of course, this is another temperature control fan with remote. From the remote you can control tha modes and speeds and set the temperature at which the fan turns off/on. It can also oscillate in a 65 degree range to reach every corner of your bedroom. This particular temperature control tower fan comes in a handsome black finish that can fit the décor of a wide variety of homes.

  • Comes with a generous warranty
  • You get 24 hours technical support should you need it
  • The back cover comes off for easy cleaning

If you want a modern-looking TaoTronics tower fan then this is the one for you. This TaoTronics fan with a thermostat sensor has all the same features as the last item on the list with the added benefit of an LED front screen display. Even when you wake up in the middle of the night, all you have to do is click the remote to see what temperature the room is and what mode the fan is in on the clear LED display. Plus, this fan just looks cool. Of course, you get all the obligatory features like 3 fan speeds and 3 flow modes (natural, sleep and normal), a remote and 65 degrees of oscillation.

But this particular model also has a slightly smaller footprint at just 11.8 inches in diameter. And you get this upgraded quality of life features for the same price as the last TaoTronic fan on the list. The LED display also makes it a bit easier to keep track of the ambient temperature of the room and to adjust the fan accordingly.

  • You get a 2 year warranty
  • It’s ETL (Electronics Testing Laboratories) certified for safety
  • It can be programmed between 41 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit

The Benefits of a Fan with Temperature Control

Fans with temperature controls are intuitive. You can program it to maintain a temperature that you are comfortable with. Plus they don’t consume nearly as much energy as a standard central heater or air conditioner so they can even help you save money.

What to Look for in Fan with Temperature Control

Unfortunately, there are a lot of shoddy products on the market. So in order to get the best fan with temperature control, you should opt for the following:

  1. Wide Programmability – Choose a fan that let’s you control the ambient temperature within a wide range.
  2. Oscillation – Tower temperature control fans are great because almost all of them have an oscillation feature that helps distribute air efficiently.
  3. Lightweight – Chances are you will want to move your fan from room to room so make sure yours is lightweight. The weight range you should be looking for is between 4 and 7 pounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a fan lower temperature?

Not directly. They don’t affect ambient temperature but they do help lower your individual body temperature.

What are the best fans to keep cool?

Homech and TaoTronics make some of the most advanced and intuitive fans with modern features that actually help keep you cool.

Are tower fans worth it?

Yes, especially if you live in an apartment or anywhere with limited space. They are also helpful for getting air over your bed.

Final Words

Overall, if you are looking to keep cool at night while you sleep, you can’t go wrong with a tower fan with thermostat sensor technology. They’re easy to use, they can save you money and they don’t take up much space. And if you start your shopping with any of the models on the aforementioned list, you are sure to get the best fan with temperature control money can buy.

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