Best Tower Fan in Canada

When the weather is too cold or hot for you to keep the windows open, fresh air can be hard to come by. This was our problem in the winter when we kept all the windows and doors closed. The air would get so stagnant in our house – especially with the heater running – that it got downright stifling. So we used different fans to help circulate the air. But not all fans made the air in our various rooms feel fresher. Here is our list of the best tower fan in canada.

Best Tower Fan in Canada Comparison


  • Circulates the air
  • Oscillating
  • Remote Control
  • Quiet Operation


  • Circulates the air
  • Oscillating
  • Remote Control
  • Quiet Operation


  • Circulates the air
  • Oscillating
  • Remote Control
  • Quiet Operation

Best Tower Fan in Canada

The best part about this tower fan is that it has 8 speed setting. We didn’t even have to use the most powerful one either. The 7th “cool” setting was enough to keep the air flowing in our largest bedroom. This is a nicely-designed tower fan that you can operate entirely via remote control. It isn’t too loud either. Even the 7th fan speed wasn’t loud enough to disturb us while we were watching TV or having a conversation. You can program the auto-shut off timer for up to 8 hours on the Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan too.

  • Very lightweight
  • Oscillates 90 degrees for whole room circulation
  • Stands only 32 inches tall

The Dyson Pure Cool TP01 tower fan is a double-threat when it comes to air circulation. For us, it’s not just about moving air: it’s about keeping indoor air fresh. This Dyson tower fan has a HEPA filter that actually purifies the air as it circulates it. It doesn’t lack anything in the way of power either. There are 10 fan speeds to choose from. We used this fan in our living room and even with the heater blasting, we felt the air was lighter and cleaner. It oscillates 70 degrees so it’s best to place this fan in a far corner of a large room for maximum circulation.

  • The power cord is nearly 6 feet long
  • Weighs just under 8 pounds
  • Activated carbon filter helps minimize indoor odors

Last but not least is a handsome Canadian tower fan from one of the best manufacturers in the business. The Lasko T42950 stands an ample 42 inches tall so it moves air in the higher reaches of a room. The base is 13 x 13 inches so it’s a great fan to have to get rid of steam and circulate air in a kitchen or small living room. There is also an ionizer function that makes it so heavy particles like dust, hair and dander are more or less removed from the air.

  • 3 fan speeds
  • Easy to carry from room to room
  • Remote control operation

What to Look for in a Tower Fan in Canada

If you are shopping for fans to circulate the air in the various rooms of your home specifically, be sure to keep an eye out for some or all of these features:

  1. Wide oscillation (at least 70 degrees)
  2. HEPA filtration, if possible
  3. Sleep mode
  4. At least 300 CFM of circulation output

Why use a Canadian Tower Fan?

It may not be economically feasible to run your AC every time you want to circulate stagnant air in your home. Central air units can eat up a ton of electricity – especially if they have not been properly maintained over the years, need new air filters or duct cleaning. Likewise, the weather may not permit you to simply throw open the windows and doors. The best fans for air circulation like the ones here on our list, provide an effective and economic solution to the problem of stale indoor air.

Frequently Asked Questions

What fans move the most air?

You can buy a large commercial tower fan that was made to move a ton of air…and be very large and loud. Not ideal for indoor spaces. Tower fans provide excellent airflow without being too noisy or taking up too much space.

Are air circulators better than fans?

Air circulators and fans do the same job – move air. Some air circulators need to be affixed to a wall which makes them less convenient.

What is the best type of fan for a bedroom?

You should look for a fan that has a sleep mode and one that oscillates. You don’t want to point a fan on you all night while you sleep.

Final Words

The products on our list represent the best tower fan in Canada that we have come across. With them, we were able to bundle up in the winter without feeling like we were suffocating under a blanket of stale air. If you need better air circulation in your home, we highly recommend checking these models out.

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