Best Window Fan for Smoking

Whether you smoke indoors or someone you live with does; the smell can get overwhelming very quickly. Cigarette smoke can get into the carpeting, upholstery, discolor ceilings and walls and the smell is notoriously hard to get rid of. One of the most effective ways of stopping cigarette smoke from settling into your fabrics and leaving behind an offensive odor (other than quitting of course) is to install a window fan or two in your house. Window fans can be very effective for exchanging air and minimizing the impact of cigarette smoke indoors. Take a look at our list of the best window fans for smoking.

Best Window Fan for Smoking Comparison


  • Reduces Smoke Odor
  • Ventilates Smoke
  • Cools Room
  • Remote Control

Best Display

  • Improves Airflow
  • Reduces Smoke
  • Reduces Odor
  • Cools Room


  • Reduces Smoke Odor
  • Reduces Smoke
  • Cools Room
  • Great Price

Best Window Fan for Smoke Reviews

This is a very thoughtfully designed window exhaust fan for smokers. The Bovado USA Twin Window Cooling Fan has a circulation feature which uses one fan to draw fresh air in and one to suck indoor air outside. We found this setting to be the most effective for getting rid of cigarette smoke before it had a chance to settle. 

There are 3 fan speeds and the fan circulation is reversible with the touch of a button. 


  • 14 inches tall so it can fit most windows
  • 2 powerful 9 inch fans
  • Bug guard to keep the unit from sucking insects into your home from outside
  • Can use each side independently of each other 


  • Noisy at high settings
  • Hard to switch modes in the dark because there are no indicator lights

Trial Results

Having on fan blow in fresh air while the other takes out smokey air makes a big impact. Its also nice that you can use one fan at a time if you would like. The motor makes a humming noise regardless of what fan setting, but you will quickly stop noticing it. Very basic design with the knobs and no digital interface. 

The Bionaire Window Fan is an impressive device that comes at a steal of a price. It features two 8.5 inch fans that can be reversed to draw air out of your home. The fans can be set to run via thermostat just like a central air conditioning thermostat. The LCD display is easy to read and you can control the whole unit via remote. 

This unit fits most types of windows including casement, double-hung and vertical sliding windows. It is horizontally extendable up to 37 inches, so it will fit most window frames and it stands at 13 inches high.


  • Comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty
  • Three fan speeds
  • The two fans can work independently of one another
  • Has an internal thermostat
  • Uses a digital display that shows the air temperature
  • Can be operated via remote


  • Changing the settings results in loud beeping noises
  • Remote control is temperamental due to poor design

Trial Results

We liked that the display was easier to read, with its bright red numbers. The remote control didn’t always work, we had to angle is ‘just right’, which was borderline frustrating. The fan works well, but because the center is raise, the window doesnt sit flush and there are gaps. 

The ComfortZone is another dual fan window unit with alternating fan control. This unit stands 14 inches high and can stretch to 37 inches horizontally, making it good for any sized window. 

There are 3 options when it comes to fan settings: one draws clean air in, one blows stagnant air out, and the third setting sees each fan blowing in opposite directions. The ComfortZone has 3-speed settings, which is great for fine-tuning your comfort level. It also has a remote control with intuitive buttons, making it easy to operate from anywhere in the room. 


  • Very affordable
  • Two nine inch fans
  • Very lightweight at just 6 pounds
  • Adjustable width
  • Includes a remote control


  • The expanders do not lock, so can not be used in a vertical window
  • Although it is advertised as being ‘whisper quiet’, it is quite loud

Trial Results

We had high hopes for the ComfortZone window fan and although it did work at creating a breeze, it was not whisper quiet. All three of the fans on our list could get pretty loud at the higher settings. What sets this one apart was that the remote worked every time we went to use it. 

What to Look for in a Window Exhaust fan for Smoking

Getting rid of cigarette smoke is no easy task. As such, there are features in a window fan for cigarette smoke that you must insist on if you want to keep the smoke and smell out of your living spaces. If you are looking for the best window fans for smoking, look for features like:

  1. Reversible airflow
  2. Dual fans that can work independently of one another
  3. A powerful motor
  4. Quiet operation

Why use Window Fans for Smoking?

Some people think that you can simply use your central AC unit to circulate the smoke out of a home. But cigarette smoke first has to travel through the ducts where it can linger. This will cause any fresh air that’s pumped into the home to smell like smoke. Window fans for cigarette smoke are much more effective for circulating stale air out of your home and replacing it with fresh air.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most powerful window fan?

The Bionaire window fan on our list is a top choice for consumers and critics alike.

Do window fans really work?

Yes. They are excellent for replacing stagnant air with clean air from outdoors. They also work to keep a home cool provided that the air outdoors is cooler than the air indoors.

Do window fans use a lot of electricity?

It is estimated that the average window fan uses between 35 and 100 watts of power – much less than central units.

Final Words

Being or living with an indoor smoker can be a challenge. While quitting is the most effective way to deal with the smell and the health hazard, our list of the best window fans for smoking will at least minimize the impact if quitting isn’t an option. These three window fans worked the best for circulating smoke out of our living spaces so give them a try!

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