Best 1500 Watt Space Heater, According to Reviewers

Space heaters typically aren’t meant to replace your central heater or furnace. But the right ones can provide supplemental heat so comfortable that you won’t want to live without them again. And if you live in a colder region of the country or in Canada, these gadgets are downright essential. Some of the most valuable and effective machines are the 1500 watt space heaters. These are typically rated for 150 to 300 square foot rooms but can be used as personal heaters as well.

College students love these types of space heaters as well because they are pretty much ideal for dorm rooms. If you have been looking for a quality space heater in the 1500 watt range, we want to help. In today’s article, we will be taking a look at the best 1500 watt space heaters to keep you warm this winter.

Best 1500 Watt Space Heater Comparison


  • 750W to 1500W
  • Warming Fan
  • Portable
  • Great Price


  • 1500W
  • Warming Fan
  • Portable
  • Great Price


  • 750W to 1500W
  • Warming Fan
  • Portable
  • Great Price

Best 1500 Watt Space Heater Reviews

If you are going to get a space heater for personal use or for a small room, it should be compact right? Of course it should. And to that end we present to you the Andily Space Heater which stands only 8 inches tall, 6 inches wide and 4.75 inches thick. It’s size makes it perfect for desktop use in your office or in a dorm room. But its ceramic heating element is what makes this little device so effective for personal and small room heating. On the highest of its three settings the Andily Space Heater operates at 1,500 watts. The low setting operates at 750 watts. And did we mention that this device can be used as a regular fan as well?

The Andily Space Heater can be operated manually via 2 control knobs mounted to the top or automatically via thermostat settings. This device is perfect for use in cold places like Canada. It also includes safety shutoff functions for when it gets too hot or is tipped over.

  • Very compact design
  • Ideal for desktop heating
  • Can be used to cool off a small room or as a personal fan

This Trustech space heater offers heating in a package that is only a hair larger than our previous entry. The Trustech 1500 Watt Space Heater stands 9 inches tall, 7 inches wide and 6 inches thick so it is just as portable as the Andily Space Heater. This particular device utilizes a ceramic heating element to get rooms up to 200 square feet up to temperature. There is a low heating setting that operates at 750 watts and a high setting that operates at 1500 watts.

And like our last entry, there is a no heating mode that simply operates the fan. And speaking of the fan, it is used in tandem with the ceramic heating element not only to get you warm quickly, but to spread warm air evenly around the room. The whole thing weighs just over 3 pounds and there is an adjustable thermostat to keep the area at a desired temperature. There is also an internal heat sensor that will signal the device to power off if any of the parts become too hot.

  • Provides heat quickly
  • Very affordable
  • It turns off automatically if it gets tipped over
  • Can be purchased in Canada

Last but not least is another portable space heater that uses ceramic heat element technology that is suitable for rooms up to 200 square feet. The GiveBest Portable Electric Space Heater is the tallest (by a one inch margin) but thinnest portable space heater on our list. At 10 inches tall, 7.5 inches wide and a scant 3 inches thick, this space heater can fit virtually anywhere. And like our other entries, there are 2 heat setting and a fan only mode. The low heat setting runs the device at 750 watts while the high heat setting operates at, you guessed it, 1500 watts.

And once the device reaches an internal temperature of 158 degrees Fahrenheit, it will shut itself off. This is a very quiet and energy-efficient space heater as well; operating at a very low decibel level and consuming minimal electricity. And in case you were wondering, the power cord is 6 feet long.

  • Includes thermostat setting
  • The fan disburses heat very well
  • Controlled by two simple, top-mounted dials

What to Look for in a 1500 Wattage Space Heater

The thing about smaller space heaters is that they can still be overpowered. There are some manufacturers out there that try to pack too much heating ability into a device that is too small. And if you are shopping for a 1500 watt space heater, then you probably just need supplemental heating. With that in mind be on the lookout for:

  1. A high setting of no more than 1500 watts
  2. BTU output of about 5,100
  3. Tip-over shutoff safety feature

Frequently Asked Questions

How big of a heater will a 1500 watt heater heat?

Heaters of this capacity typically work for 150-300 square foot rooms.

How much does it cost to run a 1500 watt heater?

There are many variable factors but in general, it costs about 15 cents per hour.

Is a 1500 watt heater good?

For small spaces a 1500 watt heater is ideal because they are very inexpensive to run on a daily basis and they can provide near-instant warmth. If you have a 150 square foot room that you need heated and you buy a space heater capable of say, 3,000 watts, you will be paying much more than you need to and will likely overheat the room.


The most important thing to remember here is that you aren’t going to be replacing your furnace for all your heating needs with a 1500 watt space heater. They are made for supplemental heating purposes. That being said, the products on our list performed very well in small rooms. Whether on the desk, at your feet or in your dorm room, these are great appliances to have – affordable too. Check out any of these best 1500 watt space heaters when you need a little extra warmth in your living spaces.

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