Best Diesel Space Heater

Diesel space heaters (diesel fuel heaters) can be a lifesaver during the cold winter months. These machines can provide warmth in extreme conditions. Whether you are trying to heat your truck, boat, car trailer, motorhomes, campervan, warehouse, factory, office, home, or looking for shop heaters that are diesel, the best diesel space heater will get the job done.

As many of you know, the term “diesel heater” can mean a few different things. Here are the following meanings:

  1. Diesel Chinese Diesel Heater for Vehicles
  2. Forced Air Diesel Space Heater

For that reason, we have reviewed the best diesel heater for vehicles as well as the best diesel space heater.

Best Chinese Diesel Heater Comparison

Best for saving energy

  • Great Price
  • High heating power
  • Works for any type of vehicle
  • Quiet operation

Best for Quickly Heating

  • Great Performance
  • Perfect for a car or van
  • Powerful heater
  • Diesel or kerosene 

Also Great

  • Great value
  • Perfect for most vehicles
  • Easy setup
  • Diesel or kerosene 

Best Diesel Space Heater Comparison


  • Diesel or kerosene
  • Powerful
  • Low price
  • Heats 2000 sq ft


  • Diesel or kerosene
  • Powerful
  • Low price
  • Heats 1200 sq ft


  • Diesel or kerosene
  • Powerful
  • Low price
  • Heats 1125 sq ft

Best Chinese Diesel Heater Review

The Maxpeedingrods was chosen as the best Chinese diesel heater because of its value for the money. It is relatively inexpensive for the power that it has and runs at least a full day on a charged battery, and the fuel consumption is about 1 gallon per night. 

The remote control has a range of 30 meters, which is really helpful for warming up your space without needing to be out in the cold. The intelligent overheating sensor will prevent the heater from running dry, and does an excellent job at eliminating window frost. It has a quiet night-time operation, temperature control, and a dynamic LCD display. 


  • Auto temperature control
  • Efficient operating with low fuel consumption
  • Quiet operation
  • Compact and sleek design


  • Controls read in Celcius
  • The instruction manual can be hard to follow

Trial Results

Using this in a 15-foot camper during the winter, when temps were in the single digits, was the best choice we made! We ran it for nearly 2 days straight and because we have solar panels, they were able to quickly recharge the heater after each night’s use. We also upgraded to a larger diesel tank so we wouldn’t have to refill it is as often. While the installation was not as straightforward as I would have hoped, this was due to the hard-to-understand interaction manual more than anything else. All in all, this is a great heater, especially for the price. 

This 8kw Chinese indoor diesel heater was added to our list because it has many high customer satisfaction ratings and low fuel consumption. The kerosene & diesel fuel heater is strong enough to warm almost any car, van, truck, boat, or vehicle of your choice, and depending on the size of your vehicle, this device will heat it up in about 5 – 5 minutes. 

With its small size, it’s easy to find the perfect space to mount this device. It is recommended to check out Youtube for installation, as the instruction manual is poorly written.  While the machine does produce some noise during operation, you can install a silencer that will help cut down on that. 

This kit comes with a 10L oil tank, which has a run time of about 36 hours. 


  • Low noise
  • Temperature control
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Long-lasting


  • Low-quality LCD Screen, better to upgrade to the button remote
  • The instructions are hard to understand

Trial Results

We installed this in our sprinter van before a weekend trip to the mountains and it kept us warm all night long. The fuel pump is not quiet and would “knock” while running, but the heater was much quieter. The controls were not very intuitive and the instruction manual was not very good quality, but we figured things out and were happy overall with this heater. 

The Tseipoaoi indoor diesel heater is another great option for a Chinese diesel heater. This heater was chosen for our list because of its high-performance rating and low cost. 

With an intuitive and easy-to-read display, this heater is a great choice for a wide variety of diesel vehicles. It is compact which makes installation easy, as you have more options for where it can be placed. It has a low fuel consumption rating, which contributes to its low emissions, and the oil quantity, temperature, and wind speed can all be adjusted. This gives you maximum control over your heating needs. 


  • Adjustable oil quantity
  • Efficient operation with low fuel consumption
  • Advanced technology for optimal temperature control


  • Hard to understand instructions
  • More parts needed for marine use

Trial Results

We installed this in our camping trailer, which we use in the winter to go up to the mountain. Having a heater for overnights is essentially, as the temperature drops considerably. The instructions were not as bad as the other two on our list, though there were still some parts that took some figuring out. After installation we ran the parking heater for 12+ hours and had no problems with overheating and it ran very well. 

Best Diesel Space Heater Review

This is a powerful space heater, at 80,000 BTUs it can easily heat up a 2000 square foot space. With its built-in handle it’s super easy to take with you, though don’t go moving it while it’s in use!

Stanley is a very recognized brand within the hardware sector and this space heater is built with quality parts. Although users report that it can be a little loud, it heats up very quickly and comes in at a very affordable price.

This model has an easy-to-read thermostat dial, fuel and pressure gauge, and automatic safety shutoff system. 


  • 80,000 BTUs
  • Heats up to 2000 sq. ft.
  • Long-Lasting
  • Automatic safety shutoff


  • Hard to register the product with the manufacturer, as the database doesn’t show the ST

Trial Results

Used in our three-car garage, this space heater worked really quick! It was very easy to get it started and the dial makes adjustments intuitive. Seems to be made with quality parts and the easy-lift handle is a great feature.
Like the Stanley, this space heater has a built-in handle and runs at 80,000 BTUs. It also has a runtime fuel gauge, pressure gauge, and an easy-to-access help center based on scanning the QR code with your phone. 

The temperature gauge is easy to read and access, with a very intuitive options display. It can be adjusted in 10-degree increments and burns about .5 gallons per hour of use. 


  • Heats up to 1900 sq. ft.
  • 80,000 BTU
  • Thermostat for heat control
  • Run time fuel gauge


  • Smokes when starting and stopping
  • It doesn’t always light up right away

Trial Results

We tried this out in our 3 car garage in the dead of winter and it quickly brought the temperature up from 25°F to 75°F. It was noisy as all diesel space heaters are, and it didn’t light up right away every time, but other than that it worked really well at heating the space. 


The Pro-Temp Diesel space heater on our list is rated at 45,000 BTU and can heat an area up to 1125 square feet. While not as powerful as the others on our list, this is a great space heater for a smaller space. With the temperature outside at 50 degrees, within an hour and a half the temp went up to 80, so it may take a little longer but it gets the job done. 

This space heater has a fuel and pressure gauge, built-in handle, and a simple start up switch. 


  • 45,000 BTU
  • Heats up to 1125 sq. ft.
  • Operates for up to 14 hours straight
  • Air pressure gauge


  • The smell is a little stronger than the others on our list
  • The thermostat does not automatically turn the space heater back on

Trial Results

While this space heater does not run as strongly as the others, it does a great job of heating up our garage. Once we added the fuel, starting it up was as easy as flipping a switch. The fuel and pressure gauges were very basic and easy to read as well. The downside is that because it doesn’t burn as hot, it seems to not burn as clean, as the smell was a little stronger than with the other space heaters on our list. Regardless, it did a great job heating up our 3-car garage, even if it did take a little longer than the Stanley and Dyna-Glo. 

HeaterHeating powerEase of useValue for money
MaXpeedingrods Diesel Heater5KWAverageGreat
Superfastracing Diesel Heater8KWAverageGood
Tseipoaoi Diesel Heater5KWAverageGood
Stanley Diesel Space Heater80,000 BTUEasyGreat
Dyna-Glo Diesel Space Heater80,000 BTUEasyGood
Pro-Temp Diesel Space Heater45,000 BTUEasyGood

Types of Diesel Heaters

Diesel Space Heater

Forced air indoor diesel heaters are powerful and effective. These types of heaters must be used outdoors or in a ventilated space and can heat very large spaces. Some forced air space heaters can heat up to 4,000 sq ft. This makes them ideal for workshops, garages, warehouses, and job sites. They are even some of the best diesel garage heaters.

Chinese Diesel Heater

While there are more traditional indoor diesel heater brands such as Webasto and Eberspacher, many people have moved the Chinese diesel heaters due to price. Chinese diesel heaters will cost around $150 while a Webasto or Eberspacher heaters will cost around $900. Not only will these Chinese heaters do just as good of a job, but you will also save hundreds of dollars. That’s why we are focusing on the Chinese diesel heaters in today’s review.

These diesel heaters are ideal for cold winter conditions and can be used to heat RVs, boats, trucks, construction machinery, cranes, truck cargo compartments, and more. These small diesel heaters are great for when you are on the go!

Pros and Cons of Diesel Space Heaters

There are several advantages and disadvantages of using an indoor diesel space heater. Today, we will discuss both.

  • One of the most efficient types of heaters on the market
  • Can operate for long periods of time without diesel
  • Portable
  • Versatile
  • Can use as diesel space heater in home
  • Can operate in almost any type of conditions
  • Durable and do not require a lot of maintenance
  • Diesel heaters are generally more expensive than other types of heaters
  • Diesel heaters are sometimes bulky and heavy
  • Diesel heaters can be dangerous if not used correctly
  • Diesel heaters can generate harmful fumes

What to look for when purchasing a diesel space heater

When looking for a forced-air diesel heater, be sure to pay attention to the following items:

  1. BTU heat output
  2. Heating area (sq. ft.)
  3. Run time (hours)

As for BTUs increase, so does the heating power and heating area. However, this is not always the case for run time. That’s why it is important to take note of all three items.

When looking for a Diesel Space Heater, be sure to pay attention to the following items:

  1. Heating power (kw)
  2. Voltage
  3. Noise level
  4. Versatility

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best diesel heater for a caravan?

The best diesel heater for a caravan is the Maxpeedingrods Chinese diesel heater. This heater will work perfectly in a caravan, campervan, truck, and more. The Maxpeedingrods Chinese heater is the best diesel heater for vans too!

What is the best campervan heater?

The best campervan heater is the Maxpeedingrods Chinese diesel heater. This heater is not only great for campervans, but also for RVs and other forms of camping.

Are indoor diesel heaters safe?

Indoor diesel heaters are generally safe, however, they should not be left unattended. Diesel home heaters are typically made for indoor use rather than others that have an increased chance of causing CO poisoning. Get your indoor diesel home heater today!

Do diesel heaters produce carbon monoxide?

Diesel fuel combustion generates carbon monoxide. For that reason, diesel heaters do produce carbon monoxide. That’s why it is important to set up proper ventilation for your heater during use. 

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