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Halogen radiant space heaters are usually a great choice for when you want efficient heating that doesn’t take too much time. In fact, one of the reasons that so many people opt for electric halogen space heaters is because it can save a bundle on utility bills. To boot, they tend to be pretty affordable. But not all halogen space heaters will get the job done. It pays to be selective when choosing one for your particular needs. That’s why we have reviewed the best electric halogen radiant space heater below.

To that end, we have composed today’s article to help answer some of the most common questions associated with halogen space heaters, let you know what to look out for in terms of features and to provide you with a brief list of the best halogen space heaters on the market today.

Best Halogen Radiant Space Heater Comparison


  • Halogen radiant heater
  • Electric
  • Great performance
  • Great Price
  • Halogen radiant heater
  • Electric
  • Great performance
  • Great Price
  • Halogen radiant heater
  • Electric
  • Great performance
  • Great Price

Best Electric Halogen Radiant Space Heater Reviews

Our first Comfort Zone radiant heater bears resemblance to the common heat dishes of old. But instead of being inefficient and a fire hazard, this updated heat dish with a familiar look consumes minimal energy while providing near-instant and safe heat to small rooms. The Comfort Zone CZ998 is an electric halogen powered space heater with a 14 inch reflector dish and a rear-mounted fan.

The rear-mounted fan is an interesting feature but it certainly has its place. It really helps to circulate warm air in a small room so it takes less time to warm up. The Comfort Zone CZ998 oscillates 70 degrees and the dish can be tilted up or down so you can direct warm air in pretty much any direction. The whole thing weighs only 5 and a half pounds so it’s pretty easy to move from room to room if you have more than one place that needs a bit of warmth.

There are two heat settings to choose from and the oscillation can be turned off if you want a concentrated flow of warm air. And for safety, there is an auto-shutoff that engages if the Comfort Zone CZ998 either gets too hot or gets knocked over. There is also a large grate covering the face of the reflector plate so you don’t burn your hands.

  • Very affordable price
  • Only draws 985 watts on its highest heat setting
  • Runs quietly

Rounding out our list is yet another Comfort Zone radiant electric space heater that is really good at providing personal heating or heat for a small room. The Comfort Zone CZHTV9 is a dual-mode halogen space heater that uses quartz bulbs to emanate heat. You can choose from two levels of heat: the lower setting operates at 400 watts while the higher setting operates at 800 watts.

The whole package comes in an attractive design. It is essentially a flat-paneled space heater in the shape of a rectangle situated on a stationary base. The rectangular heat dish oscillates 70 degrees on the base and has safety grates mounted to the front. The whole thing stands just over 21 inches high and 7 inches wide. And from front to back the Comfort Zone CZHTV9 is only 3.8 inches thick. Overall this is a reliable space heater suitable for small rooms.

  • Sports a unique and attractive design
  • Gets warm almost instantly
  • Provides even heat in small rooms

3. Comfort Zone Ceiling Mounted Halogen Heater

Comfort Zone Ceiling Mounted Radiant Halogen Heater

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This comfort Zone electric halogen space heater would be a perfect fit for your garage, covered patio or workspace. The Comfort Zone CZQTV5M comes with an adjustable mount that can be attached to a ceiling or a wall so it doesn’t take up any floor space. We mounted it in our garage over a workbench and it provided ample, reliable heat even when it was freezing cold outside. There are 4 heat settings; the highest of which operates at 1500 watts which makes it suitable for most garages around 400 square feet.

You can adjust the angle of the heater up to 90 degrees to get heat where you need it. Just be careful to mount the CZQTV5M in an area that will be the most convenient. Like the last Comfort Zone product on our list, the CZQTV5M has safety features to negate burning and fire hazards: it shuts itself off automatically if it gets to a threshold temperature and it features safety grates mounted to the front.

  • Can be easily hung in a garage or workshop
  • Also very affordable
  • Features a couple of quartz bulbs for effective heat radiation
Best Halogen HeaterPowerRangeSafety
Halogen Dish HeaterBestGoodGood
Halogen Oscillating HeaterGoodBestGood
Halogen Ceiling HeaterGoodGoodBest

What to Look for in a Radiant Halogen Space Heater?

While radiant halogen space heaters are a great bargain, you should know that most of them aren’t for very large spaces. Keep in mind that they work best for small rooms or as personal space heaters. With that in mind, use the following essential features as a general guideline when you are shopping for one:

  1. An oscillation mode or adjustable angle
  2. Safety shutoff features
  3. Lightweight design
  4. An ample reflector plate

Frequently Asked Questions

Are halogen heaters expensive to run?

No. In fact, next to oil-fired radiators, electric halogen heaters are the most economical types of heaters to use in residential spaces.

Will a halogen heater heat a room?

Halogen heaters work a lot like infrared radiant heaters in the sense that they heat objects directly as opposed to raising the ambient temperature in a room. While you will get some residual radiant heat if you are using a halogen heater in a room, they mostly work by heating people and objects around them.

Can you leave a halogen heater on overnight?

It is not recommended to leave your electric halogen heater on while you sleep. Even though safety features are usually included in these types of space heaters, it is generally considered an unsafe practice to leave any kind of radiant space heater on all night or unattended.

Last Words

If all you need is a bit of spot warming and want to save the most money, any of the halogen space heaters on our list would be a great choice. The next time you need one of the best halogen space heaters, be sure to look up the aforementioned products first.

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