Best Electric Infrared Space Heater for Outdoor Patio and Deck

Who says you have to bundle up inside when old man winter rears his ugly head? If you like to spend time in the great outdoors but can’t stand the cold, you owe it to yourself to pay close attention to this article. Today we are going to be highlighting a few of the best outdoor space heaters we have tested. These products are ideal for outdoor parties, working in your garage or just when you want to hang out outside without freezing your toes off. If you live in a cold place like Canada, these heaters can extend your patio use.

And what’s more, we are going to be taking a look exclusively at infrared heaters. Infrared space heaters are a popular choice because they are more affordable to run as opposed to common convection heaters. They also tend to provide quicker heat since they heat objects in their path (i.e. humans and inanimate objects) as opposed to heating the surrounding air. They are also safe and easy to maintain. But you have to choose a quality device. So let’s get into a brief list of the best infrared space heaters for patio and deck.

Best Electric Infrared Outdoor Patio Heater Comparison


  • Feels like the warm sun 
  • Electric Infrared
  • Great for indoor, outdoor and patio
  • Wall mount or stand 


  • Warming
  • Electric Infrared
  • Great for indoor, outdoor and patio
  • Wall mount or stand 


  • Heating
  • Electric Infrared
  • Great for indoor, outdoor and patio
  • Wall mount or stand

Best Electric Infrared Outdoor Patio Heater Reviews

We start our list with a product that can be used indoors and outdoors. The Trustech Outdoor Patio Heater offers 3 levels of heating power: the lowest setting operates at 500 watts, the medium setting operates at 1,000 watts and the highest setting operates at 1,500 watts. And it’s a pretty compact little device at just 26 inches long and 4 inches thick.

The Trustech Outdoor Patio Heater can be mounted to a wall or post and operated with an included remote control. There is also a timer you can program for up to 24 hours. We tested this device in our 2-car garage in the dead of winter and it was able to keep it warm for hours without overheating.

  • Runs quiet enough for indoor use
  • Infrared heat warms objects; not the air
  • Auto shutoff safety feature

We continue our list with another Trustech product with a few key design differences. Like the Trustech Outdoor Patio Heater, this model can be easily mounted to the wall using the 4 included brackets. But unlike the former, the Trustech Infrared Patio Heater can be outfitted with a stand. We used the stand and it was easier to move the heater from indoors to outdoors as we pleased.

You still get the same heating settings: low, medium and high. And you also have the ability to use this infrared heater indoors and outdoors. This Trustech heater also features carbon gold-plated tubing for quick and even heat dispersion. It is well insulated with an aluminum chassis, won’t heat dust to the point of combustion and has an auto shutoff feature for safety. There is also a small digital display located just above the manual on/off switch that lets you know which heating mode you are in.

  • Suitable for areas of up to 400 square feet
  • Provides fast warmth
  • Can be mounted to the wall or a stand (stand is sold separately)

We have covered Heat Storm products in the past and have never been disappointed. As the name indicates, the Heat Storm HS-1500-TT is capable of delivering 1500 watts of heating power to your outdoor areas. That’s as much as 5,200 BTU’s of heat. But perhaps the coolest thing about this infrared space heater is the tripod it comes with.

The Heat Storm HS-1500-TT includes an adjustable tripod that extends to almost 7 feet or shrinks down to just 3 feet. The heater itself is only 27 inches wide and when paired with the tripod, weighs about 16 pounds so it’s very easy and convenient to move around as needed. We used this heater in the garage and in the backyard and it delivered ample heat almost instantly. To top it all off the Heat Storm HS-1500-TT can be left out in the light rain without being damaged.

  • Weatherproof design
  • Easy portability
  • The adjustable tripod really helps when you want to focus heat energy

What to Look out for in an Infrared Patio Space Heater?

Just because a heater is an infrared heater doesn’t mean it will be suitable for outdoor use. Remember that at the end of the day, infrared heaters are electrical devices so you have to be careful about putting them outside. We recommend opting for infrared heaters with:

  1. Weatherproof chassis and hardware
  2. Auto shutoff safety functions
  3. Multiple heat settings
  4. Stands or tripods they can be paired with

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put a patio heater on a deck?

Yes but you shouldn’t place them directly on the wooden boards of the deck. Use a stand or tripod instead and never leave them unattended. If they are free-standing heaters, make sure you place them on concrete, metal, or another heat-resistant surface.

Are infrared patio heaters any good?

Infrared patio heaters have a distinct advantage over other types of heaters because they don’t rely on ambient temperature for heating. Instead, heat is transferred to people and objects in the path of the heater so the heat is more direct, and less energy is wasted heating the air.

Do infrared heaters use a lot of electricity?

Studies have proven that infrared heat is more efficient than convection heat. So in comparison to other types of space heaters, infrared space heaters do not use a lot of electricity.

Final Words

There’s nothing like enjoying a crisp winter night with your friends and family outside without having to worry about the cold. Layering up in the winter months just to spend time in your garage or backyard is also very inconvenient and annoying (at least, for us). But quality infrared outdoor space heaters like the ones here on our list provide an elegant, efficient and effective solution.

No matter which infrared space heater you choose, make sure you do your research before you buy. But you can’t go wrong with any of the ones on our list of the best-infrared space heaters for patios and decks so try them out for yourself!

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