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Maintaining proper humidity levels in your home can be difficult. Dry air doesn’t just affect desert climates – we have seen that in the past few years with the Northern California wildfires. Dry air can strike pretty much anytime, anywhere. Winter months are particularly bad in some areas like Canada. So it’s important to be prepared no matter where you live. In today’s review, we are going to be taking a look at the best humidifiers in Canada.

Best Humidifier in Canada Comparison

★ Best Value ★

Levoit Humidifier
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  • Increases indoor humidity

  • Temperature Control

  • Great Customer Reviews

  • Best Value

$ Best Price $

Homech Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier
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  • Increases indoor humidity

  • Improve sleeping

  • Very Quiet

  • Great Price

★ Best Performance ★

Dyson AM10 Humidifier
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  • Increases indoor humidity

  • Cooling Fan

  • Uses UV light to clean water

  • Great Design

Best Humidifier in Canada Reviews

Levoit LV600HH is a powerful humidifier that can release up to 500ML of water mist into the air every hour! It can easily humidify rooms up to 750 square feet, and is perfect for those dry winters, when you are running the furnace around-the-clock. 

It has a 1.5 gallon tank which seems like a lot, but when running this around-the-clock we had to refill it every couple of hours. The downside to this device is in having to remove the water tank to refill it, rather than just adding water while it is still on the base. 

One perk to the LV600HH is that you can control the temperature of the mist. Using the warm mist setting, you can select between 3 heat levels. This is perfect for relieving cough and congestion and humidifies faster than cool mist mode. With the 360° nozzle, you will experience an increase in humidity levels 25% faster than if you were only using cool mist. 

This device has a smart mode, which accesses the built-in humidity sensor to diffuse mist according to the humidity of your room. This raises it to the healthiest level. 

During the night, the whisper quiet aroma diffuser will not interrupt your sleep and the LED screen can be turned off completely. If you want to add essential oils, there is an aroma box that will help add a refreshing or calming scent to your room. 


  • Helps prevent bloody nose and dry skin conditions
  • It can be used in rooms as large as 730 square feet
  • Allows you to precisely control the amount of mist it emits
  • Has a remote control
  • Can be used overnight with no disturbances


  • Refilling the water tank can get messy because of placement

Trial Results

The Levoit LV600HH is a great humidifier for the price and does it’s job well. We noticed a significant difference in the air quality within an hour, with our dry sinuses no longer irritating us. The downside to this device is that to refill it, you need to remove the tank and fill it at the sink and then put it back on, rather than just adding water to the tank while it is still in its base. This made things messy and because of the handle position, getting the tank back onto the base was a bit tricky. The Levoit works great for humidifying, but the hassle of refilling it should be considered. 

The Homech Humidifier comes in two colors, white and black, and has an easy-to-use dial on the front. We liked how quiet the operation of this device was and its slim design means you can use it in a variety of places without it taking up a lot of space.

It has a very generous 4 liter water tank and runs at only 30 decibels on sleep mode – perfect for sleeping soundly at night without waking up with dry skin. The front-mounted knob makes it very easy to control power settings as well. 

The biggest downside is that to refill it you have to remove the water tank, as it was designed to be filled from bottom. When you remove the tank water drips off the bottom, so it can create a bit of a mess. 


  • A fan dries the mist guide tube once its drained to prevent mold growth
  • Provides good coverage even for large rooms
  • Comes with an air filter


  • Need to remove tank to refill
  • Hard to clean, it has a lot of nooks and crannies

Trial Results

This was a very quiet humidifier that has a low-profile, making it great for small spaces. We wish that we could fill it from the top to make life easier, but it wasn’t as difficult as the Levoit on our list, which has an awkwardly placed handle. The running time is about 2 days and it definitely made a big impact on our ability to breath! 

This device is the most modern looking of all the humidifiers on our list, and is a name that many people correlate with quality products. With an automatic humidistat and shut-off timer, you can really set the Dyson AM10 and forget it. You can even set it to automatically gauge temperature inside your home and disperse temperature-conditioned mist accordingly.

This is an excellent humidifier for combating dry air because not only does it disperse cool mist, but it also circulates the air at a high velocity. All from within a frame that can easily fit on your desk, counter or coffee table.

The Dyson AM10 provides a clean dehumidifier option, as it it uses Ultraviolet Cleanse technology that kills 99.9% of bacteria through the use of UVC light. This happens before the mist is projected into your room, and is a feature that the 2 other humidifiers on our list lack.

This device can run for up to 3 days on one tank of water, when kept at 50% humidity.


  • Simple controls
  • It can function as a fan as well
  • Does not leak water


  • Difficult to refill, as you have to detach the fan head and then remove the tank.
  • Not the best for overnight use as the light is not adjustable

Trial Results

Dyson puts out a lot of top-tier products and we are always excited to try them out. We love the small size of the AM10, as it allowed use to place it in many different spots around our house. Filling the water tank was a bit of a hassle, as you have to remove the fan to get to the tank, but it wasn’t very messy. It is very quiet while running and quickly humidified out 600 square foot living room. 

Benefits of Humidifiers in Canada

Humidifiers can help prevent common complications associated with dry air including bloody noses, chapped lips, itchy scalp, dry skin, and even dehydration. There are even more benefits to using a humidifier in dry heat including:

  1. Beneficial for household plants
  2. They can help minimize the number of bacteria and germs in the air
  3. They keep your sinuses and throat from getting too dry while you sleep

What to Look for in a Humidifier in Canada

Low humidity levels in your home can make life very uncomfortable. And if you need to run the heater during the winter in dry climates, it can get even worse. So if that sounds like your situation, you are going to want a powerful humidifier. Look for one that can deliver at least 300ML of mist every hour. You should also opt for one with a large water tank.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do warm mist humidifiers help with dry air?

Both warm and cool mist humidifiers will help with dry air.

Are humidifiers good for dry skin? 

Absolutely. Added moisture (especially in dry climates)in indoor air will help hydrate your skin.

Which is better, cool most or warm mist humidifiers? 

They are both beneficial. But using cool mist in the summer and warm mist in the winter will be more comfortable.

Last Words

Finally, be sure to place any humidifier you buy in a centralized and elevated area of the room. Keep walls and objects at least three feet away from it for optimal moisture dispersion and efficiency. If you keep all that in mind and select any of the aforementioned humidifiers on our list, you are sure to maintain good levels of humidity in your home.

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