Best Humidifier for your Pets

By now, you probably know about all the skin and health benefits that humidifiers have to offer humans. But our pets can suffer from the same ailments that we do. That is why more and more pet owners are using pet friendly humidifiers to improve their pet’s health. A humidifier can help your pet breathe and help with any dry skin conditions they may have. Has your dog been scratching more than usual lately? Does your cat have dandruff-like flakes on its fur? If so than a humidifier may be just what they need. In the following review, we will be looking at 3 of the best humidifiers for your pets. These humidifiers are great for dogs, cats, snakes, and more.

Best Humidifier for your Pets Comparison

Best Humidifier for Dogs

  • Relief from dry and itchy skin 
  • Reduce Dander
  • Large Capacity
  • Great Price

Best Humidifier for Cats

  • Relief from dry and itchy skin 
  • Reduce Dander
  • Cool the Air
  • Exceptional Performance


  • Relief from dry and itchy skin 
  • Reduce Dander
  • Remote Control
  • Warm & Cool Mist

Best Humidifier for your Pets Reviews

We liked the fact that the pet friendly Homech Cool Mist Humidifier has a sort of sponge filter that prevents contaminants from entering the water tank via the base air inlets. This also does a great job of capturing dog hair. It gives us more confidence in the air we and our dog breath. This humidifier for dogs is also very compact and easy to move from room to room and it disperses mist evenly. It even has a feature that dries the fog pipe and drains any excess moisture from it so it doesn’t settle and get the pipe dirty.

  • Very good humidifier to keep your living spaces sanitary
  • Large 4 liter tank good for about 50 hours of use
  • Helped with our dog’s dry coat

We were surprised at how quiet this humidifier operated given that it emits a powerful stream of fine mist far into the air. It didn’t bother us or our pets at all. You can even control the temperature of the mist it disperses between 17 and 23 degrees. When we have the AM10 on at night, our cat’s breathing is quieter and seems less labored. This humidifier is not only great for cats, but is also great for dogs and snakes.

  • Uses UVC light to sanitize water in the reservoir tank
  • It’s small but can still hold up to 3 liters of water
  • Automatically shuts off when the water tank is empty

If dry air is affecting your pet’s skin, this pet friendly humidifier will work quickly. It disperses a generous amount of fine mist (up to 500ml per hour) in rooms of up to 753 square feet. You can customize the mist output too so you can find the perfect level for optimal pet comfort. And even if you use this humidifier at its maximum capacity, you would only need to refill the tank every 36 hours (5 and a half liter water tank). We set the Levoit LV600HH for an 8 hour cycle and we noticed a difference after just 2 hours.

  • Can be operated via remote control
  • Shows you the humidity percentage right on the front display
  • Can be set for 1 to 12 hour cycles

Benefits of Air Humidifiers for your Pets

A humidifier can really be a game-changer for your pet’s health, skin, and coat. It can alleviate a lot of pet discomfort that stems from dry indoor air. Take a look at just a few of the benefits of a humidifier for your dogs and cats:

  1. In some cases, they can actually reduce the amount of pet dander and allergens in the air
  2. They can help your pet breathe better
  3. They can help alleviate dry skin and coat conditions
  4. They can also help to alleviate dry and itchy eyes for you and your pets

What to Look for in a Pet Humidifier

The problem with a lot of humidifiers is that they over-humidify. This can be detrimental to your pet’s skin and general health. Not to mention increase the chance of mold growth in your home which isn’t good for anybody. So we recommend looking for a humidifier that lets you control the amount of moisture released in the air per hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a humidifier good for Snakes?

Yes. Depending on the species of snake, we recommend one with a cool or warm mist that is safer to operate around pets when you aren’t around.

Will a humidifier help my dog? 

It certainly can. Keeping the air moist can help your pet breathe easier and alleviate certain dry-skin conditions.

Are humidifiers harmful to pets? 

No. Humidifiers with temperature control are perfectly safe for pets.

Final Words

If your dog or cat has been suffering from sinus congestion or even cold-like symptoms or dry and itchy skin, you should definitely try a humidifier. Talk to you vet about it and if you get the green light, check out some of the ones we reviewed here!

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