Best Humidifier for Post Nasal Drip

Post nasal drip is very common affecting everyone at some point in their lives. It is when the glands in the nose and throat over excrete mucus to filter out foreign matter or to help moisten the nasal membranes. It is most often caused by dry air, environmental irritants, and cold temperatures. Because humidifiers can act as a catalyst towards fighting extreme dryness and irritation, we believed researching the best humidifier for postnasal drip could help many people struggling with these common symptoms.

There are numerous amounts of humidifiers out there on the market. With this high number of productivity comes countless hours sifting through to find the perfect one. We found three humidifiers that meet the efficiency, quality, and affordability standards that Specialty Air Purifiers upholds.

Best Humidifier for Post Nasal Drip Comparison


  • Postnasal drip relief
  • Cold relief
  • Cough relief
  • Loosens Mucus


  • Postnasal drip relief
  • Loosens Mucus
  • More productive coughs
  • Sleep aid


  • Postnasal drip relief
  • Cold relief
  • Congestion relief
  • Sleep better

Best Humidifier for Post Nasal Drip Reviews

The Homasy Cool Mist is a great humidifier for the price. It comes in the classic blue or a black version and with its 2.2L tank, can run for 30 straight hours. This is a great choice for those on a budget but who are seeking relief from dry air.

Running at only 28dB, this humidifier is great for overnight use and a baby’s room. It’s so quiet that you will forget that its even running and Homasy planned for this with the auto-off feature. When the reservoir tanks gets too low, it will shut off automatically as a built-in safety features.

With its 3.25 inch opening, this humidifier is easy to clean. You should always try to use distilled water in humidifier, as it cuts down on cleaning frequency, but when those days come the big opening allows for easy access. 

There is no button control on this device, its all managed with the turn of a dial. This reduces user error and improves the intuitiveness of the design. Simply turn the knob to adjust the outflow, from 60 – 80 ml/hour. 


  • 2.2L tank that only needs refilling every 30 hours
  • Simple and intuitive knob control
  • Large opening for easy cleaning
  • Automatic shut-off feature


  • Some areas are difficult to clean
  • Cannot add scented oils

Trial Results

One of our children came down with a cold and could hardly breathe through her nose. This forced her to breathe through her mouth while she slept and she was waking up with a very dry mouth and sore throat. We put this in her room and the next morning she woke up feeling completely fine. For her, it was a game changer. 

We found that the Pure Enrichment Ultrasonic Humidifier meets all criteria to be ranked as best overall for post nasal drip. This premium humidifier moisturizes the air of your space for up to 24 hours, using a 3.7 liter tank.  

The Pure Enrichment also uses a rotating knob to incrementally adjust the moisture output. These intuitive controls help cut back on user-error and mean that you won’t have to fumble around when changing the settings. 

One thing that sets this apart from other humidifiers on our list is the ability to select between three different colored nights. These soothing colors create a charming ambiance to any space and will also work as a night-light, perfect for small children. Quiet enough that it won’t disturb your sleep, this model would be a great choice for overnight use if it wasn’t for the inability to turn off the power button light. 

This model has a 360° mist nozzle which allows for better air circulation.  It also has a built-in auto-off feature for when the water tank is getting low. 


  • Whisper quite use
  • Easy to operate and adjust humidity level
  • Large volume reservoir tank


  • Can’t turn off the power button light
  • Makes a loud “beep” when changing the output level

Trial Results

We were excited to try out this humidifier because it has rave reviews online. One of the perk to a humidifier using cool mist rather than warm is that it won’t cause condensation to run down the walls. After running this for 24 hours straight, we can testify that this is true! It has a very quiet operation which makes it ideal for rooms where you need to concentrate, like the office or while watching a movie. What makes it not so great for overnight use is that the blue power light can’t be turned off. We put a piece of tape over it to try and help but this wasn’t something we would want to do every night. 

When looking for a modern humidifier that covers a large space, we recommend the TBI Pro Humidifier. This humidifier has a massive 6L tank which is nearly three times as big as the Homasy Cool that is on our list! Another great feature is that this model has a remote control and a digital display, bringing this humidifier into the 21st century. These features are why we have chosen the TBI Pro as our top contender!

This humidifier can cover over 750 square feet, making it one of the most expansive humidifiers offered. Its 6L water tank can last up to 2 days  of whisper-quiet humidification. Unlike the other humidifiers on our list, this one has a top-fill design which makes refilling a quick and easy. 

The 360° rotating nozzles provides great air circulation and with 3 adjustable mist settings, you can fine tune this to your specific needs. There is also a medical stone filter that purifies the water to ensure that the mist output is clean. 

The TBI Pro has a whisper-quiet motor and a Sleep-Mode, which runs at less than 30dB. Sleep mode also turns off all indicators, meaning you can rest peacefully in total darkness while your humidifier continues to work.


  • Sleep-mode turns off all lights and runs quiet
  • Has a remote control and digital display
  • Works up to 750 square feet
  • Has a 6L tank
  • Uses a 360fl nozzle for even distribution
  • Has an internal water filtration system
  • Display has a water, temperature, and humidity indicator
  • Top-fill so you can leave the reservoir on the humidifier


  • None

Trial Results

For a household humidifier, this is one of the best options on the market. Having a remote control made operation very easy. The digital display was more helpful than just a knob, as it also displayed the temperature and humidity of the room. Having this information made it easier to make accurate adjustments. We loved knowing that there was a filter that was helping to purify the water and because the tank is so large, we only had to refill it once every two days. 

What are the Benefits of Humidifiers for Postnasal Drip 

The main goal of a humidifier is to add moisture to the air and alleviate physical conditions that come from dry air. One of those conditions is postnasal drip, which is often exacerbated by dry air and the added moisture will help sooth the mucus membranes in your nose. Another physical condition is dry skin, which can be itchy, painful, and cause cracking and bleeding. 

A humidifier will:

  • Add moisture to the air
  • Loosen mucus
  • Relieve allergy symptoms
  • Stop the skin from drying out

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a humidifier help with post nasal drip?

A humidifier will help with post nasal drip by loosening the mucus in your nasal passage allowing it to be cleared out via cough or throat clearing. 

Is warm or cool mist humidifier Better for Sinuses?

A cool mist humidifier is generally better for cold and sinus symptoms because it does not inflame the mucus membrane, but rather eases and loosens congestion.

What type of humidifier is best for dry nose?

A cool mist humidifier is generally best for a dry nose because it adds cool moisture into the air which in turn loosens the mucus in your nasal passage and relives pressure from congestion.

Final Thoughts

These three humidifiers have been found to promote rest and combat post nasal drip symptoms through their distinctive features and designs. The decision is now up to you; sleep or no sleep?

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