Best Dehumidifier for Laundry Rooms

Have you ever noticed that the windows and glass surfaces in or near your laundry room get foggy when you run the dryer? Are you easily irritated by musty smells? Are you worried about mold growth in or around your laundry room? If so then you should really think about getting a dehumidifier for your laundry room. You may be suffering from allergies caused by an over-humid laundry room or poorly connected dryer exhaust hoses and not even know it! A good dehumidifier will eliminate these health risks and make your home a cozier and more comfortable place in general. Let’s take a look at the best dehumidifiers for laundry rooms.

Best Dehumidifier for Laundry Rooms Comparison


  • Great for Laundry Rooms
  • Great Price
  • Prevents Mold and Mildew
  • Good Reviews


  • Great for Laundry Rooms
  • Great Performance
  • Great Value
  • Prevents Mold and Mildew


  • Great for Laundry Rooms
  • Great Performance
  • Good Reviews
  • Prevents Mold and Mildew

Best Dehumidifier for Laundry Rooms & Drying Clothes Reviews

We loved this dehumidifier for our laundry room. We were amazed at how much moisture it trapped in its 2000ml capacity tank. We leave it on pretty much all day and only have to empty it every other day or so. It has an auto shut-off feature that detects when its tank is nearly full. You can use this dehumidifier in rooms up to 269 square feet so it is capable of dehumidifying even the biggest laundry rooms.

  • Actually helps dry clothes off in the laundry room
  • Only 14” tall and 9” wide so its compact
  • Comes with an air filtration slot too

If you want a dehumidifier that you can run continuously, this is the one for you. There is actually a drainage outlet that you can feed a hose to for round the clock moisture trapping. You can also set it to your ideal moisture level. At its maximum, the fan can operate at 138 CFM (cubic feet per minute). We set the timer for about 8 hours every time we do laundry and we have never had a problem with an overly humid laundry room using the Vremi dehumidifier.

  • The moisture tank can be emptied in real time with drainage access and a hose
  • Can be easily rolled around on its wheels
  • Comes with an air purifying filter too

This is a serious dehumidifier that can draw up to 50 pints of moisture a day and is suitable for large laundry rooms. It is EnergyStar certified so it runs efficiently and doesn’t draw too much electricity. You can also feed a hose to this device if you want to run it continuously without worrying about the reservoir tank overflowing. It is easy to operate via the buttons mounted on the top control panel and comes with a permanent air filter.

  • Includes a 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • The air filter can be washed and re-used
  • Auto shut-off mode

Benefits of Dehumidifiers for Laundry Rooms

The benefits of having a dehumidifier in your laundry room essentially break down into two categories: convenience and health. They can make the air in your home healthier to breathe and they work to make your life a bit easier as well. Here’s how:

  1. They trap moisture in the air which can accumulate and turn into mold spores
  2. They can help dry clothes if you hang some of your non-machine dryable clothes in the laundry room
  3. Many of them also come with air purifying filters which further help to reduce airborne allergens
  4. They can prevent moisture/water damage to wood and metal appointments in and around your laundry room

What to Look for in a Laundry Room Dehumidifier

The best dehumidifiers for laundry rooms will have a fairly large reservoir tank. Most laundry rooms accumulate above average amounts of airborne moisture so it is important that your dehumidifier has at least a 2000ml moisture holding tank.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big of a dehumidifier do I need?

 It depends on the size of the room. For the average-sized, laundry room, we recommend a dehumidifier with at least a 4-pint holding capacity.

How many years does a dehumidifier last?

A quality dehumidifier like the ones listed above will generally last for 5 years of continuous use.

Will a dehumidifier kill mold?

Not directly but they will reduce excess moisture which is the precursor to mold.

Last Words

The right dehumidifier will make your laundry room more sanitary, dry clothes quicker and even eliminate musty odors that you can’t seem to get rid of. Plus all of the ones we listed above run very quietly so they won’t add to the racket in your already noisy laundry room. We encourage you to try out any of these quality dehumidifiers for your laundry room!

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