6 Easy Ways to Remove Smoke From your Home

The best way to remove smoke from your home is to remove the actual source of smoke. In order to remove the source, tobacco products should be used outdoors or smoking should stop all together. If quitting smoking and restricting tobacco use is not an option, the following tips can be used to reduce indoor smoke. 

1. Open a Door or Window

open windows

Opening a door or window (or fireplace duct) will give the smoke a place to escape and will allow the majority of the smoke to filter out of the room. Additionally, as smoke flows out of the room, it is generally replaced with fresh air from outside. 

Without opening a door or window, smoke will sit stagnant in your room. Lingering smoke causes more issues with both smoke odor and second hand smoke.

2. Use Cross Ventilation

Remove Smoke

The most effective way to filter smoke out of the room is through the use of cross ventilation. Cross ventilation is the process of supplying air too and removing air from an enclosed area. With two air supplies on either end of a room, air is naturally sucked from an area of high pressure to the area with low pressure creating a natural ventilation system. 

3. Invest in an Air Purifier for Smoke

Air Purifier Filter

Another effective way to remove smoke is through the use of Activated Carbon and Ionic Air Purifiers. These air purifiers use special technology to filter and absorb pollutants out of the air. Smoke particles are immediately drawn into the purifier, trapped, and released back into the room as clean air. Using an air purifier for smoke is the best way to eliminate smoke from the source.

4. Turn on a Fan


Turning on a fan will help promote air circulation and ventilation. If possible, point a box fan towards the nearest window. Using a fan will not only help disperse smoke in the room reducing odor, but will also increase the effects of cross ventilation.

5. Turn on Air Conditioning

air conditioners

An air conditioning unit will not only provide your house with fresh air, but will also help to circulate the air in the room. Lingering smoke causes the works issues with second hand smoke and smoke odor in your home. The longer smoke does not escape your home, the more time it has to soak into your walls, furniture, and clothing.  

6. Use Activated Carbon Filters

Activated Carbon

Due to their extreme porosity, Activated Carbon has the ability to absorb most air pollutants. Replacing your current filter with an activated carbon filter will help absorb smoke particles from the air and reduce the amount of smoke in your home.

Using a smoke air purifier is not only one of the most effective ways to prevent second hand smoke, but can also save your home from smoke odor. The best way to eliminate smoke odor is to remove the smoke itself before it has a chance to soak into walls and furniture. Find an air purifier for smoke today.

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