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As explained below, getting the source of smoke out of your house is the most essential step to reducing smoke odor. Without removing the source of the smoke itself, the odor will never fully subside.

If you or someone you live with is a smoker, you may be accustomed to the smell of smoke on your furniture, clothes, or car. Not only does this smell decrease the value of your property, but it can also lead to problems with second hand smoke, asthma, and allergies. Getting rid of smoke odor in your house can be a tough process and may take several days or weeks.

Eliminating Smoke from the Source

It is important to take steps to protect yourself, your family, and your personal property from the effects of second hand smoke and smoke odor. Cigarette and cigar smoke have many negative effects, but perhaps the most annoying and devastating (aside from health effects) comes from smoke smell. is the Smoke Odor not only reduces the value of your property, but can also be annoying to non-smokers.

The first step to eliminating smoke odor in your home is to eliminate smoke from the source. Some of the most effective ways to eliminate smoke from the source include:

  • Stop smoking
  • Smoke outdoors
  • Invest in an air purifier for smoke

Smoking Outdoors

Aside from quitting smoking all together, smoking outdoors is probably the most effective natural remedy for smoke odor issues. Although it may seem like a simple task, due to extreme weather conditions and the comfort of your home, smoking outdoors is often easier said than done.

Sometimes it just takes a little encouragement to get up and go outside to smoke.

Use these quick and easy tips to help increase the frequency of smoking outdoors.

Best Ways to improve frequency of smoking outdoors:

  1. Leave an umbrella next to the door for rainy or sunny days
  2. Place a warm jacket and gloves next to the door for cold days
  3. Invest in a comfortable chair or other piece of furniture to use while smoking outdoors
  4. Use bug spray to eliminate exposure to insects while smoking
  5. Invest in an over-the-door awning
  6. If possible, choose a space outdoors that will be protected from the wind
  7. Invest in a screened-in porch that will provide a comfortable place to smoke while eliminating exposure to insects and weather
  8. Remind yourself of how much money you are saving by reducing smoke odor in your house
  9. Remind yourself of the improved health of family members by reducing their exposure to second hand smoke

How Air Purifiers for Smoke can help

Using an air purifier for smoke is one of the most effective non-natural ways to both reduce smoke odor and eliminate smoke from the source. Air purifiers designed for smoke removal will eliminate the smoke itself before it has a chance to create odor.

Get Rid of Lingering Smoke in your home

Lingering smoke is arguably the biggest contributor smoke smell in your home. The term “Lingering smoke” refers to the smoke that has no place to escape from your home. The longer smoke is in your home, the more time it has to absorb into your walls, clothes, and furniture. Due to this issue, it is important to eliminate the smoke itself before it has time to generate odor.

Smoking indoors is certainly never the best option: however, there are many situations when it is preferable to smoke indoors than outdoors. If you are going to smoke indoors, then you might as well take steps to prevent the smoke from remaining stagnant in the room. When smoke is trapped in a room, the effects of second hand smoke and smoke odor are intensified.

In order to prevent smoke from standing in the room., you can use the following tips:

Best Ways to Reduce Lingering Smoke in your home:

  1. Open a Window and/or Door

Opening a door or window (or fireplace duct) will give the smoke a place to escape and will allow the majority of the smoke to filter out of the room. Additionally, as smoke flows out of the room, it is generally replaced with fresh air from outside. 

Without opening a door or window, smoke will sit stagnant in your room. Lingering smoke causes more issues with both smoke odor and second hand smoke.

  1. Use Cross Ventilation

The most effective way to filter smoke out of the room is through the use of cross ventilation. Cross ventilation is the process of supplying air too and removing air from an enclosed area. With two air supplies on either end of a room, air is naturally sucked from an area of high pressure to the area with low pressure creating a natural ventilation system. 

  1. Invest in an Air Purifier for Smoke Removal

Another effective way to remove smoke is through the use of Activated Carbon and Ionic Air Purifiers. These air purifiers use special technology to filter and absorb pollutants out of the air. Smoke particles are immediately drawn into the purifier, trapped, and released back into the room as clean air. Using an air purifier for smoke is the best way to eliminate smoke from the source.

  1. Turn on a Fan

Turning on a fan will help promote air circulation and ventilation. If possible, point a box fan towards the nearest window. Using a fan will not only help disperse smoke in the room reducing odor, but will also increase the effects of cross ventilation.

Getting Rid of Smoke Odor

After ensuring that the source of smoke is eliminated, the next step is to reduce smoke the smell of odor from your home. 

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