Best Air Purifier for Bacteria and Viruses | How to Kill Germs

bacteria and viruses

 As flu season progresses and the coronavirus spreads, it is essential to reduce bacteria and germs from the air in your home and office. You can do this by providing plenty of ventilation, fresh air, and using an air purifier to remove harmful airborne particles. In this article we share with you the four best … Read more

Ultraviolet (UV) Light Air Purifiers – What You Should Know

UV air purifiers

The best UV (Ultraviolet) light air purifiers will effectively eliminate air contaminants such as bacteria, germs, dust mites, mold spores, and other microscopic organisms.  We have included detailed UV light air purifier educational information. Using a UV light air purifier in your home There are many different types of air purifiers to consider when making … Read more