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It seems that homes new and old suffer from similar problems: air vents that don’t close all the way. This can be a problem particularly in drafty homes, where you have trouble maintaining a stable temperature when your heater or air conditioner is not running. Luckily, a magnetic vent cover can solve this problem. 

A magnetic vent cover blocks off all air that would travel in and out of your wall or floor vent registers. Closing off this channel will allow you to maintain a more consistent temperature within your home. Many people find that they have to run their central air or heating system more often because the air is escaping their home through the vent registers. The good news is that there is an effective and affordable solution for this problem. Vent Covers!

Read on to learn more about the benefits of these simple accessories and which magnetic vent covers would work best for you.

Best Magnetic Vent Cover Comparison Table

Best for hardwood floors

  • Can be trimmed to size
  • Very easy solution to air vent seepage
  • You get three covers for a very affordable price

Best for white colored vents

  • Works well on vertical vents
  • Great for concentrating air flow to a specific room in your house
  • They can be altered to match any room

Best for steel vents

  • They can be cut to size with scissors
  • White outer layer
  • Comes with a 3 month guarantee

Top Magnetic Vent Cover Reviews

Best for hardwood floors

Accord Magnetic Vent Cover

The Accord 3-pack of magnetic vent covers has a stronghold on steel vent registers.  Even if your registers are painted, this one will stay in place.

These come in a variety of sizes to match your steel vents, and can also be cut to size if needed. 

The magnetic strip on the underside of these covers forms a tight bond with steel so they can even be used on horizontally and vertically mounted vents. Simply slap it on when you are not using your vents in order to create that airproof seal that is needed to maintain your home’s temperature. 

Although this vent cover works well in certain situations, there have been many complaints of issues with its magnetism. The magnet is sometimes not strong enough for every day use.  


  • Strong magnetic seal for steel vents
  • Can be cut to size


  • Only good for steel vents

Trial Results

These have good magnetic strength and did not fall off when placed over vents on the wall. The white face is shiny and easy to keep clean. It was very easy to cut these to size using regular scissors, just make sure to leave a little overlap around the edges for making it easier to remove. 

Best for white colored vents

Deflecto Available Magnetic Vent Cover

The Deflecto AC vent cover pack comes with three 8” x 15” magnetic covers that also feature a white outer layer. This outer layer is made out of a material that can be painted or matched with wallpaper, giving you greater flexibility to “hide” it. 

Just like the other vent covers on our list, you can easily cut these down to size with a pair of scissors. They are thick enough to form a tight seal that prevents air from escaping the vents and form a tight seal without falling off. 


  • Can be painted and papered to match walls
  • Can be cut to size


  • Only works on steel vents

Trial Results

These stick well enough to our steel vents and help with the cold draft we would feel in the basement. We painted the front of them to match the color of our wallpaper and it turn out pretty well! If you aren’t looking for it, you don’t see it. 

Best for steel vents

Muscle MagVent Magnetic Vent Cover

If you are looking for a strong magnetic vent cover that is suitable for larger vent registers, this Muscle MagVent pack may be the best choice for you. 

First of all, they are wider than the first two items on the list. They are 8” wide instead of 5 inches – a helpful length if you have slightly larger vent registers. They provide strong coverage and air blockage for ceiling, wall, and floor vents.

The magnetic strip is 2mm thick and features a high concentration of Ferrite which makes them more magnetic. They are even strong enough to stick to vents that have been painted.


  • Thicker than most magnetic vent covers
  • Wider than the others on our list
  • Can be cut to size


  • Only works on metal registers

Trial Results

We have some larger vent registers in our home and trying to get two smaller magnetic covers to work was tiresome. We found these larger ones and they do the trick. They have a stronghold and the thicker material seems to make them more resilient to falling off. 

The Benefits of Magnetic Vent Covers

You can make your old central heating and cooling unit more efficient with magnetic air covers. By closing off vents in rooms you aren’t in, you can strengthen the flow in rooms that you do inhabit. They can also be detached and reattached very easily and without any paint or vent damage. 

What to Look for in Magnetic Vent Covers

  1. Strength – You have to make sure that the magnetic strip is strong – especially if you have painted vents.
  2. Size – Make sure that the covers you are considering buying will fit over the vent registers in your home. 
  3. Ferrite Content – A high Ferrite content will help the covers adhere firmly to more vent surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do magnetic vent covers work?

They work if you want to make your HVAC system more efficient and keep warm/cold air from escaping your home. 

Is it dangerous to cover a vent?

It’s not dangerous. But it may build up air pressure in your vents which may put more of a strain on your central system.

Are vent covers necessary?

If you want better air flow in certain rooms of your home, magnetic vent covers offer an affordable and easy solution. 

Final Words

Using the best magnetic vent cover can actually save you money on your monthly heating and cooling costs. They form a tighter seal than dampers alone and can lock in warm air in the winter and keep cold air from seeping back into the vents in the summer. 

Magnetic vent covers also allow you to concentrate warm or cold air from your central system to specific areas in your house. They are effortless to use and reuse in different rooms too. And you are sure to get great use out of yours if you start your shopping with the items on the list above.

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