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IQAir vs. Austin Air Product Comparison Review


Key Features and Benefits

  • IQAir designs the most advanced air purifiers on the market.
  • Rated “Best Buy” – Consumer Digest
  • LCD Display
  • Warranty – 5 Years
  • HyperHEPA Filter
  • Energy Efficient
  • 6 Fan Speeds
  • Extremely quiet

IQAir HealthPro was not only chosen as the best air purifier in the IQAir vs Austin Air comparison but is also one of the best air purifiers in the entire industry. Other purifiers claim to capture ultra-fine particles of 0.3 microns in size with a HEPA filter, but the IQAir’s advanced filters have proven to capture particles even 100 times smaller than these other air purifiers! 

The IQAir HealthPro’s advanced filters can capture particles down to 0.003 microns in size; which is 10 times smaller than germs and viruses. Also, many people don’t know that these ultra-fine particles are actually very harmful to your health. They are easily absorbed by the lungs and can move into other parts of your body, affecting your health in numerous ways. 

The IQAir HealthPro will filter out the most common contaminants like pollen, mold spores, dust, bacteria, pet dander, and smoke, and it doesn’t stop there. It can also filter out viruses and bacteria, which is an important feature for those with compromised immune systems, asthma, and severe allergies. 

This model is designed with a new and improved fan, which delivers up to 300 CFM and uses only 27 watts at its lowest speed. With its EvenFlow Diffuser, the 320-degree clean air output allows for better air circulation than air purifiers that simply push air out the top.

This HealthPro model comes with remote control and has an easy-to-read, intuitive display panel. With a variety of programmable operating options, filter-life monitoring, and color-coded lights to indicate when it’s time for the filter to be replaced, you can fine-tune the device to fit your specific needs. The average filter life, when run 10 hours per day, is 18 months. This is 3 times longer than the average air filter. 


  • Ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers
  • Ideal for bacteria, viruses, and mold
  • Ideal for odors and dust
  • Extra features, such as filter-life monitoring and programmable options
  • Has remote control


  • More expensive than traditional air purifiers
  • The bulky size makes it difficult to move around
  • No night mode, so lights are always on
  • Replacement filters are expensive

Trial Results

We tested the IQHealth Pro while in the midst of wildfire season and it quickly removed the smoke from our home, making it easier to breathe once again. It was so strong that we wondered if we put it in the driveway, would it clean the air around the entire house? After a day of use, with it sitting in the middle of our living room, the air in the entire house felt cleaner. No longer were suffering from sore throat and itchy eyes and although this model is much more expensive than many other air purifiers on the market, we are confident in saying that if we had severe allergies, this would be the one we would go with.

The fan is very quiet on the low setting and gets progressively louder as you turn it up. This makes sense as you can clearly see that it is pulling in massive amounts of air, which make it great for when things get really bad. From the moment we took it out of the box, it was clear that this Swiss-made device is well constructed and high-quality. Not light by any means, this is not really meant to be dragged around the house. Although the design leaves much to be desired, the end result is given makes it easy to overlook its bulky aesthetic.



Key Features and Benefits

  • Great for allergies, pets, smoke, mold, and dust
  • Eliminates odors and germs
  • Eliminate harmful gasses for chemical sensitivity
  • 5-year warranty on the True HEPA filter.
  • 3-speed fan.

Austin Air HealthMate Standard has been one of the best purifiers on the market since 1990. It features a Medical-grade True HEPA filter and top-of-the-line activated carbon filtration, which filters air particles as small as .3 microns with a. 99.97% efficiency. 

There is over 780 cubic inches of activated carbon and zeolite filtration, so this device is packed with a punch! The 6-speed settings give you full control over your air filtration needs and the 360-degree intake-outtake means you can place this anywhere and still see great results. Unlike many air purifiers, which only push clean air out the top, the HealthMate Standard gives better air circulation and can more quickly filter air. 


  • Has a 4-stage filtration system, including a medical-grade HEPA filter
  • Easy to wheel around the home
  • Simple dial knob to change fan speeds
  • No lights, so great for overnight use


  • No remote control
  • Weighs 45 pounds
  • Lacks many features that most modern air purifiers have

Trial Results

 Heavy as it is, it sure does clean the air! Within a few hours we noticed a difference in the allergies we had been suffering from all day. With the pollen count high in our area, the HealthMate Standard helped reduce that alleviate our symptoms. On the low setting the fan is very quiet and although loud on the high fan setting, it could replace a white noise machine for some. The wheels make it easy to move around the house, but the lack of features makes this machine seem like its from the early 90s. There is no remote control, WIFI capabilities, or any way to turn it on and off other than the dial on the front. This is the biggest drawback, otherwise it works well and is reasonably priced. 


  • This air purifier is an incredible machine for eliminating gas, toxins, or airborne chemicals.
  • It is also the best air purifier of the IQAir vs Austin air for eliminating germs, bacteria, viruses, and odor.
  • The air purifier is expensive, but you get what you pay for. If the price was not an issue, this would have been chosen as the best air purifier. You are paying for the advanced gas and toxin filters

The IQAir CG Multigas looks identical to the HealthPro Plus aside from the lavender stripe running down the front (which we think improves its aesthetic). Other than that, there is no way to tell them apart aside from what is going on inside the device, and what is going on inside makes all the difference!  

The IQAir GC Multigas air purifier is aptly named, as it is great for eliminating gases, odors, and chemical contaminants. Using the same HyperHEPA filter as the HealthPro Plus, the Multigas GC also contains four disposable, gas-phase filter cartridges made with the highest quality activated carbon. Designed to reduce gases, chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOC) that produce odors, these filters all work in tandem to better clean your air. 

While the standard activated carbon filter uses lower-quality coconut-shell for absorption, the GC Multigas uses an upgraded bituminous coal. This carbon is better at filtering the air as it is activated in a way that preserves the maximum number of micropores, which trap pollutants. Alumina pellets combined with ChemiSorber media are used to remove toxic formaldehyde, and the way that each filter is positioned helps to improve air flow and system efficiency.

A surprising note to consider is that the GC MultiGas has the same chemical removal ability as 100 gas masks combined! 

While all the machines on our list will give you cleaner air than the standard air purifier, this model takes it one step further. The price tag is not for the faint of heart, but if clean air is important to you and especially if you suffer from severe allergies or live in a highly-polluted area, the GC Multigas is a worthwhile investment.


  • Filters out particles down to .003 microns in size
  • Filters out a wide spectrum of gases, chemicals and odors
  • #1 Rated air purifier for multiple chemical sensitivity
  • Designed for rooms up to 1125 sq ft
  • Includes a remote control and filter-life monitoring
  • 320-degree clean air output
  • Low energy use


  • One of the most expensive air purifiers on the market
  • Expensive replacement filters

Trial Results

Using the IQAir GC Multigas in our home gave us the same experience as the HealthPro Plus model; very clean air in a short amount of time. Nearly everything about the operation of these two models were similar, from the intuitive and easy-to-use remote control and display panel, to the sound of the fans. The only real difference was the peace of mind that came with knowing that the GC Multigas was taking air purification one step further and removing any toxic gasses and chemicals from the air as well.


  • This air purifier offers great performance at a low price. 
  • Great for smoke, mold, dust, allergens, and odor
  • The small size makes it easy to move around

It’s easy to see why the HealthMate Jr. Air Purifier has become one of the most popular purifiers on the market. With this purifier, you get almost all of the benefits of the Austin Air HealthMate Standard for a lower price and in a smaller package. While the HealthMate Standard is rated for rooms up to 1500 sq ft, this model is most effective in rooms small than 700 sq ft. 

Like the HealthMate Standard, this model has a 360 degree air intake system which pulls air through its 4-stage filter. Relying on a medical-grade HEPA filter, it pulls 99.97% of contaminants .3 microns and smaller, giving you much cleaner air in your home. Very popular in areas with wildfire seasons, this air purifier will reduce coughing, sneezing, dry mouth, runny nose, and even snoring.

Because there are no lights, this device is perfect for overnight use and will help promote better sleep quality. Whisper-quiet on its lowest setting, you can turn it on and soon forget that its even there, other than the abatement of allergy symptoms.

The HealthMate Jr. will cleanse the air of pollen, mold, pet hair and dander, allergens, smoke, and other gases and chemicals. Thanks to its small size and portability, moving this from one room to another is easy and it can be placed anywhere do it’s dirty work. 


  • Easy portability
  • Very quiet on low settings
  • Great for overnight use
  • More affordable


  • No remote control
  • Not as effective in larger rooms as the other models on the list
  • Lacks any modern features

Trial Results

You really shouldn’t judge things by their cover and the HealthMate Jr. is no exception. Although small, it does a good job at cleaning the air of a small-mid sized room. After using this for a day our allergies were brought under control, though it did take a bit longer than the other model from Austin Air thats on our list, and quite a bit longer than either of the IQAir models. We liked the portability of this device, and much like the Standard model, it is very quiet at low settings. Unfortunately, also like the Standard model, it lacks any modern features and the only way to turn it on and off is to get up and walk over to the machine. This is the kind of air purifier where you probably won’t do a lot of fine-tune adjusting, and delegate it to a more set-it-and-forget-it type of role.  

IQAir vs Austin Air - Company Overview


IQAir is both a Swiss and U.S. based company that was founded in the 1960s. IQAir uses its advanced technology to clean the air in residential, commercial and public buildings. IQAir also designs other products to promote clean living and clean working environments. It is known for creating some of the best quality products on the market and is a leader in the air purification industry.

Austin Air

Austin Air is located in Buffalo, New York and was started in 1990. The company creates products (including air purifiers) that help protect people from airborne contaminants such as allergies, asthma, pet dander, odors, smoke, and more. The company is recognized as one of the premier air purifier manufacturers in the industry and produces some of the best technology on the market. 

IQAir vs. Austin Air Air Purifier Comparison Table

SpecsIQAir Helathpro+IQAir GC MultiGasAustin Air Healthmate+Austin Air Healthmate Jr.​
Room Coverage1,1251,1251500700
Size16 x 15 x 28 in.16 x 15 x 28 in.4.5 x 14.5 x 23 in.11 x 11 x 16.5 in.
Weight35 lbs29 lbs47 lbs21 lbs
Customer ReviewsGreatGoodGoodGood

Final Thoughts

When comparing IQAir vs Austin air, we have determined that the IQAir Healthmate plus is the best value air purifier thanks to its exceptional performance and affordable price.

In this article, we have compared the IQAir Air Purifiers vs the Austin Air Air Purifiers and have determined that the IQAir HealthPro Plus is the best air purifier of the group. 

As for the comparison of IQAir vs. Austin Air, I think it is safe to say that you cannot go wrong with either company. It just depends on what you are looking for. IQAir air purifiers perform the best while Austin Air purifiers are more reasonably priced. 

Also check out our comparison of IQAir Healthpro Plus vs. IQAir GC Multigas Air Purifier.

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