Best Wall Mounted Air Conditioner Heater Combo

When attempting to maintain a comfortable temperature in a room or studio, oftentimes an open window won’t cut it.  2 in 1 wall mounted air conditioner heater combos provide supplemental cooling and heating to smaller spaces to provide year-round comfort.  Each combination offers features to ensure your room is exactly right all day and all year, without requiring you to install extra ductwork. Whether you are looking for a wall mounted heater or conditioner, investing in the best wall mounted air conditioner and heater combo is a great decision for your home.

Best Wall Mounted Air Conditioner Heater Combo Comparison


  • Air conditioner
  • Heater
  • Fan
  • Affordable price


  • Air conditioner
  • Heater
  • Fan
  • Affordable price


  • Air conditioner
  • Heater
  • Fan
  • Great performance

Best Wall Mounted Air Conditioner Heater Combo Reviews

  • 8,000 BTU of cooling with 7,000 BTU heating power.
  • Three cooling speeds, one heating speed, and three fan speeds allow you to choose the most comfortable level.
  • Eight way vents allow for directing the air flow.

This Frigidaire model provides not just cool or warm air, its mesh filter removes odors and airborne pollutants and allergens.  With this air conditioner and heater combo you can save on your utility bills with an Energy Saver mode or 24 hour timer.  Auto Cool mode gauges the room for temperature changes, and adjusts the fan speed as necessary to maintain a consistent level of comfort.  The remote control allows you to adjust all functions of the unit from afar, including resetting the timer.

  • Choose the perfect temperature for rooms up to 350 sqft with 8,000 BTU of cooling and 4,200 BTU of heating capacity.
  • Four modes offer cooling, dehumidifying, fan only, or supplemental heating.
  • Best for sustaining room temperature between 17-30 degrees Celsius.

This Koldfront wall mounted air conditioner heater combo features four operational modes, three fan speeds, and four way directional air vents.  You can also personalize the experience with a 24 hour timer that can adjust temperature continuously through the day.  Sleep mode gradually changes the temperature through the night to save energy while returning to the original setting before you wake up.  An Energy Saver mode automatically engages the fan to keep temperatures down while the compressor cycles.

  • Four way directional air vents provide coverage for 450 sqft.
  • Remote control allows for operation from anywhere in the room.
  • 10,000 BTU of cooling power and 10,600 BTU of heating

The Keystone 2 in 1 air conditioner and heater combo provides room cooling and heating through one efficient model. With 3 fan speeds, 3 cooling speeds, and 1 heating speed, this machine will help maintain a comfortable room temperature without sacrificing your energy bill.  The remote control allows you to adjust not only the temperature, but the speeds and mode.  It includes a timer feature, allowing you to create the perfect environment throughout the day

What Are Some Important Features of a Wall Mounted Air Conditioner/Heater?

Any 2 in 1 wall-mounted air conditioner and heater combination will provide cooling and heating for bedrooms, offices, and studies. Air conditioner heater combo wall units are packed with features great for any home. Some models take that to the next level by adding fan-only air circulation mode, and even a dehumidifier setting.  All models differ in their settings and capabilities, so always review the user’s manual and specifications before purchasing one for your home.

Many recent AC and heater combos now include features that make them easier to use than ever, such as remote controls and 24-hour programming.  Become familiar with any efficiency modes and timers before you make your purchase, as they can help you create the best continuous ambiance in your space while saving you money on your energy bills.

Lastly, consider where the 2 in 1 air conditioner/heater will be mounted, and the traffic pattern of the room.  Many of these air conditioner heater combo wall unit models have multi-directional vents that can change the airflow pattern.  Make sure the unit you purchase will effectively cool and heat the desired area.

How Do I Choose a Wall Mounted Air Conditioner/Heater?

The most important thing to be aware of are measurements.  Not only do you need to be sure that the wall mounted air conditioner and heater unit will fit in the allotted space where you plan to install it, but it also needs to be able to deliver enough cooling or heating to make the entire room comfortable. 

Air conditioner and heater strength is measured in BTU, or British Thermal Units.  The higher the BTU, the higher the heat or cooling output.  Models with a higher BTU will typically provide heating and cooling for larger spaces, and can maintain a greater range of temperatures. Check that the wall mounted ac heater’s heating and cooling BTU are adequate for your space.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some reasons I might wish to use a wall-mounted air conditioner heater combo?

There are many scenarios in which an AC/Heater combo machine might be a great choice:

  • For older homes or apartments without ductwork for central air or heating
  • In rooms that don’t receive as much circulation from central air or heating units
  • When wishing to keep a different temperature in just one room of the house (such as a nursery or study)
Do wall mounted air conditioner heater combo units use a lot of energy?

Depending on how frequently you run your ac heater combo unit, and the temperature you select, you may notice a change in your energy bill.  Fortunately, most current air conditioner and heater combos include efficiency settings that can reduce this impact, such as timers, sleep and energy saving modes, and more.

What does the timer feature on an air conditioner and heater combo do?

Much like a thermostat can be programmed to control levels of heating and cooling through a centralized unit, these wall-mounted units can also be programmed with a timer.  This allows you to maintain temperatures at the desired level all day and night, without manual adjustments.  You can save on energy by running it less when you’re not home, or at a different temperature during the night.

Final Thoughts

You may wish to invest in a wall-mounted air conditioner heater combination to improve the air circulation and temperature in a single room.  These ac heater combo units offer a variety of features, including efficiency settings, and programmable timers to allow you to only use as much- or as little- heating and cooling power as needed.  Make sure the combo you choose will fit both in the mounting and in the space in which you plan to use it by checking its specifications for measurements as well as BTU.

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